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  • ctalbert
  • dmose
  • morgamic

Schedule and Weekly Goals

  • Sept 19th
    • review phpical code
    • review possible svn structure
    • check it into svn
    • work on trimming it down
    • figure out threading concern / mutual exclusion non-issue now
  • Sept 26th
    • set up test server for public eval
    • set up test plan
    • refine code
    • public testing feedback and bug fixing
  • Oct 3rd
    • evaluate if ready for push to production
    • coordinate with IT to set up "production" instance




  • Given that when we ship M8, the URL in question will be accessible from M8, but will simply fail to resolve or 404 (though I suppose we could easily enough put up a static web page), I'd argue that spending a week on testing this isn't really worth it, since the entire purpose here is simply to test Mozilla. I'd argue that once it seems to be working and we're convincedthere's no obvious huge security holes, we should just go live. --dmose

Presence in the Beta Review Guide

It's been suggested that we highlight web-based protocol handling in the beta review guide. For this, I think we want to do at least the following things:

  • warn IT that traffic might go up which could cause scaling issues
  • link to documentation (current MDC page, WhatWG page)
  • ping evang re web-based protocol handler tutorial pages