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Early Notes:

1. Blog more about community planning and QMO progress

  • Topics:
    • How to use mailing lists properly (our main channel of communication is email through various lists, with betatester = 600+)
    • Measuring community growth and contributions (tracking visits to actual bug work or test runs; how to use QMO member info to map to Bugzilla and Litmus usage)
    • Ask for feedback on what new volunteers might want to do
    • How I can be more visible to MoCo and the community (no longer working on Talkback or project lead for security releases, so need to bring my latest work to the forefront of collaboration)

2. Get international community engaged on a regular basis

    • Don't lose momentum on India recruits
    • Build better relationship with China
    • Follow up on progress in Brazil

3. Knock out easy wins quickly

    • Nightly firstrun page (work with Sam to just get this done)
    • Ship QAC on AMO (get beta out there and worry about bugs later)
    • State of the Community report (from survey results; perhaps a brownbag?)