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November 2007 Test Case Cleanup for Firefox 3

  • Verbiage changes that have been noted
    • Organize bookmarks now listed in UI as "Show All Bookmarks"
  • Go button is not automatically present in the UI
  • Download Manager UI changes (context menus, mostly)

Spring 2007 Test Case cleanup in preparation for cloning

Responsibilities included review and cleanup of existing test cases for Firefox 2.0.0.x branch in preparation for cloning the test suite to use for FF 3.

  • General strategy is to review existing test cases for consistency
  • New test cases can be added to fill holes that are seen during this review


  • Tabbed Browsing->Completed 5/24/07. Two test cases added to Litmus FFT. Email sent to coop about the fact that all test cases seem to be not associated with a test group.
  • RSS->Completed 5/21/07. This area will definitely need tuning for FF3 as I have already seen some changes in this area.
  • Cookies->Completed 5/7/07. One Test cased added to Litmus FFT.
  • XMLHTTP-> Completed 5/15/07, although this area should be built out much more.
  • Software Update->Clarification needed as to status. Email sent to coop/Tomcat on 5/22/07.
  • Toolbar->Completed 4/24/07. One Test case added to Litmus FFT.
  • Search->Completed 4/24/07. Two Test cases added to Litmus FFT.
  • Microsummaries->Completed 5/2/07. myk reviewed on 5/2/07. Current set of test cases are fine to carry forward.
  • Downloading->Completed 5/21/07. One test case added to Litmus FFT.
  • Printing->Completed 5/22/07. Two test cases added to Litmus FFT.
  • Security
  • Plugins->Completed 5/21/07. One test case added to Litmus FFT.
  • Top Sites>Completed 5/22/07.
  • Technical Tools->Completed 5/22/07. Two test cases added to Litmus FFT.
  • Uninstall->Completed 5/22/07.
  • Firefox Windows Vista test suite (move specific relevant test cases in re: default browser out of that suite)->Created "Default Browser" component of FFT.


  • Bookmarks (35) Completed
  • History (8) Completed
  • General (15) Completed
  • Password Manager (13) Completed
  • Installation (11) Completed
  • Migration (5) Completed
  • Menu Bar (10) Completed
  • Help (8) Completed
  • Options (18) Completed
  • Location Bar (6) Completed
  • Pop-ups (13) Completed
  • Find In Page (10) Completed
  • Add-ons (20) Completed
  • Form Manager (6) Completed
  • Anti-Phishing (10) Completed
  • Import (4) Completed
  • Session Store (20) Completed
  • Layout (3) Completed


  • l10n Test suite Completed


  • revised software update suite Completed Added Testcases for new regressions. Moved the new Testcases to the 2.0 Update Cases and created a 2.0 Software Update FFT Area

Marcia's test case additions

Test Case Removal

New Firefox 3 Test Cases that need to be added that aren't covered by assigned areas

Test case areas that need further scrutiny

  • Plugins: Many new test cases should be added to this area. Possibly investigate automated way of testing plugins?
    • I've written four, covering the major plugins on the three platforms, but that's not enough; still a start (I plan on doing more, as time permits) -- stephend
  • Uninstaller: Pretty lean set of test cases here, could use some more especially with the NSIS installer. - Tomcat
  • Printing: Depending on what happens to Printing work in FF3, this area could use a lot more creative test cases. Especially in the layout area, which is one area that needs improvement. - ashughes
  • Options (Prefs) need to ensure every possible option has a test case either covered in the related component or in the Options subgroup. - Tomcat
  • Migration: There's not a clear picture of what we migrate or what we should migrate and don't when installing Fx anew, and the test cases are generic enough that users could fail them all the time because cookies or passwords are not migrated from Opera or Safari. - marcia
  • History is need of greater breadth of testing (don't even have a change link color test). It's possible the Location Bar should simply be merged into History. - Jay

Future Test Suite and Test Case Plan

  • Form control Test Suite for Mac (this will affect both Leopard and Mac 10.4.x. These are changes that are going in for FF 3 that will make things behave differently than FF 2.
  • Leopard specific test suite
    • Just like Win Vista, there will likely be changes that will affect things like default browser, default download location, etc. We need test cases to cover this OS integration that are specific to the Mac.