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  • What the program/site is?
    • home for mozilla quality assurance team and community
    • central place for docs and events (how tos, turorials, test/bug days)
    • discussion forum for testers (localizers, partners, students)
    • launch pad for community projects (test tools, automation, data analysis)
  • Who is going to see this?
    • See Target Audience below
  • What impact is it going to have?
    • Growing volunteer community of testers
    • Grooming users into testers
    • Building strong sense of team/community
    • More open discussions on how to improve product quality
    • Innovation and creativity through projects and events
  • What it means to the community?
    • Sense of belonging/home
    • Open channels to contact QA team and community members with similar interests
    • Chance to learn more about mozilla and our goals/processes
    • Improve products they love by being active members of community
    • Showcase their skills and abilities to help them climb the qa/dev ladder


quality, community, testing, measuring, bugs, finding, fixing, verifying, automation, analysis, events, crashes, feedback, tools, breakpad, litmus, bugzilla, tasting, sampling, trial, beta, alpha, test cases, releases, candidates, trunk/nightly builds

Target Audience

  • Existing users
    • software engineer, web developer, tech, international tester community, partner qa teams
  • Potential users
    • end users, students, anyone interested in learning more about mozilla, firefox fans wanting to help
  • Users to redirect/educate
    • users needing help/support -> Mozilla Customer Service/Support
    • users wanting to spread the word/evangelize ->
    • users looking for marketing/pr -> ???

Color Themes

  • Do
    • blend/utilize colors from all mozilla project products, either use all major/common colors, or select a few that represents QMO well.
    • avoid just using firefox, colors
    • create different color themes for each project product

Logo Ideas

  • Letters/Words
    • QMO (or with dots: Q.M.O.)
    • Just the letter Q, with url below
  • Mascots/Logos
    • duck (QAC = QA Contributer)
    • splattered bug (different colors surrounding it for various products)
    • bug busters (think ghostbusters)
  • Image concepts
    • basics: check marks, x marks, pass/fail, stamp of approval, pushing the button (releasing software)
    • actions: squashing bugs, looking for bugs, magnifying glass, bug catcher
    • measurement: scales, ruler, litmus paper
    • automation: gears, tools box, assembly line, conveyor
    • community: people, groups, silhouette of people for background


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