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Target Audience

QMO serves as a portal for the Mozilla QA team and community. Both segments will use the site for their particular needs and interests:

Mozilla QA Team

  • Most of the team will be working on site content and functionality, as well as maintenance and monitoring. We plan to use QMO to:
    • Write articles and/or blog posts to keep the community updated on what we're working on and to ask for help with specific tasks.
    • Create new project pages for things we are working on, to track progress and provide the community a chance to learn more and get involved.
    • Promoting community events through the calendar and front page.
    • Moderating the forum discussions and comments.


  • We have identified a few categories of users that will be visiting and using QMO regularly:
    • Average users and new Mozilla community members (looking to learn more about the Mozilla project and how they can get involved)
    • Nightly testers (established contributors that use nightly builds and are fairly active across the Mozilla project's many sites/channels)
    • User-based/Blackbox Testers (anyone that wants to help by testing Firefox, whether it is an official release or nightlies)
    • Bugzilla contributors (people that live and breath bugs by writing, reproducing, and resolving them through Bugzilla)
    • Tools and Automation developers (looking to do a bit of programming and building out the test infrastructure)
    • Data/Information Analysts (there will be people that are interested in combing through user feedback, crash data, and bug info to get a better understanding of the quality of our products)

Frontpage Content

Site Header

  • Site "Hat" at top of page
    • User login/status; Basic navigation/action menus
  • Site Title Bar
    • Logo + QMO - The new home of Mozilla QA
    • Search box on right

Main Content Area

  • Introduction/Welcome block
    • Small block/image for New Visitors (directs them to "Getting Started" page)
  • Activity Flow blocks
    • 4 major blocks for each activity flow with topic + description/links to activity pages
      • Test
      • Code
      • Bugs
      • Data
  • What's going on right now? block
    • Upcoming Events (list up to 5 events)
    • Current Projects (list up to 5 projects)
  • Quality Talk block
    • Recent forum discussions (list up to 5 forum posts)
    • Recent story/blog comments (list up to 5 comments)
  • Stories/Blogs block (display 2-3 stories)
    • Other posts (list up to 5 titles)

Navigation/Blocks Column

  • Main Menu block
    • Links to main site pages: Stories, Events, Projects, Forums, Groups, Team, Community, etc.
    • Maybe have submenus for each?
  • Get Involved! block (design page layout so note to new visitors in the introduction has a graphic arrow pointing to this block?)
    • Link to "Getting Started" page that will have more info on how to stay connected and participate in the Mozilla QA community.
  • QA Contributor (QAC) of the Month block
    • Photo and bio of all-star volunteers; updated monthly
  • Quick Links block
    • Links to most popular QA tools and sites: Litmus, Bugzilla, Hendrix, Crash Reports, MozillaZine, Support, etc.

Required Features

  • events/calendar
  • articles/blog
  • forums
  • feedback form
  • mozqa and community permissions

P2 Features

  • projects/groups (organic groups module)
  • l10n/i18n (localization module)
  • user badges
  • rating/ranking of docs and posts
  • user mailing lists


QMO Design Meeting Notes (8/17)

  • What's working well
    • announcement platform for test days and beta testing
    • planet integration
    • sidebar vs front page, stories + quick links
  • What do we need?
    • make event pages more visible
      • event nodes + static event pages
    • better integration with mozillazine
    • forums need to be more visible, need more participation
    • too many sections on front page
    • too many items under personal navigation
    • QA Team Update
      • What's going on with the QA team?
      • section to let community know what we're working on.
    • front page with blocks for each type of user/action items
    • personal touch with live help
    • mini-survey with guided questions as part of sign up process
    • facebook for qa team and community
    • user-customizable content (my yahoo, igoogle)
      • personal content box for links and notes
    • contributor showcase or member of the month box
  • Who is using QMO? Who should we target?
    • nightly testers
      • keep nightly testers informed on development changes
    • first-timers
      • lot's of guidance, connect with folks, who we are, workflow for action
    • tools developers
      • direct them to ongoing projects for qa tools and automation
  • Todo List
    • QA Blog - redirect permanently
    • - update pages and start migration of some content to QMO
    • Prepare QMO brownbag for team

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