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What we want to accomplish with QMO:

  • Create a home for the Mozilla QA Community of testers and volunteers
    • Provide a place for them to communicate, create, and share tasks and projects
    • Support various Mozilla projects' QA efforts by allowing their communities to coexist in one place and share resources
  • More focus on Firefox testing, test development, and QA outreach
    • Organize and track community events
    • Host community projects for data analysis, new tools, and test automation.
    • Create a program to attract more users to the Mozilla project and groom them into testers and qa engineers.
  • Migrate old QA pages and update them to be more useful/effective
    • Identify all links to and point them to QMO
    • Find strategic spots to promote QMO
    • Educate and encourage the general Mozilla community to start using QMO for QA related info

What we don't want to do:

  • Don't become a support center (JT is already working on a customer service strategy that will be focusing on providing support for our users)
  • Don't step on any toes or reinvent the wheel
    • Don't compete with mozillaZine, but work with that community and share ideas/content.
    • Don't disrupt regular communication channels like IRC and newsgroups, but utilize them as much as possible to expand QMO's reach and influence.
    • Don't replace the wiki, only migrate static content from the wiki to QMO and continue to use the wiki when appropriate and link to it instead.

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