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I'm still not sure where everything will go, but we have discussed a few things that we would like to see. Some will be on the main/front page... but other stuff can be on separate pages/sections.

Drupal Categories/Taxonomy

Drupal uses categories/taxonomy to organize content and make it "easier" (depending on how you look at it) to create custom views of different pieces of information. It is important to define these categories and their subcategories and vocabulary ahead of time, so that content can be "tagged" at time of creation. Although this is a pain up front, it will make maintenance and data organization a lot easier as the site grows.

I have a basic breakdown for QMO:

  • Groups/Badges (need better term?)
    • Users/Fans - rookie, newcomers
    • Testers - testing nightlies, using litmus
    • Buggers (need a good name?) - bug triage, updates, queries, etc
    • Analyzers - feedback and crash analysis
    • Automators - testcase/automation work, tools development
  • People
    • QA team
    • Community
      • Volunteers
      • Partner QA
  • Events
    • Bug Days
    • Test Days
  • Tools
    • Bugzilla
    • Litmus
    • Talkback/Breakpad
    • Hendrix
    • Buildbot
  • Projects (for each groups/badge)
    • Testing related
    • Bugzilla/Bug related
    • Data Analysis related
    • Automation or tools related
  • Docs
    • Guide/Tutorial
    • Events Page
    • Projects Page
    • FAQ
  • Forums
    • Some combination of all of the above

A few questions for the QA team:

  • 1. Does that look right?
    • What is missing? What makes sense?
  • 2. What common tasks do you see yourself doing?
    • How would you want to tag that content?
    • How should users be able to find it?

The categories can be the same or unique for each type of content (story/article, blog post, book/doc, new pages, forum posts, etc)... so we need to figure out how to label each type and think of the best way to present the data to QMO users.


Must Haves

  • Link to Mozilla Support pages (to avoid millions of users from looking for solutions at QMO) -
  • "How to get started..." box for new folks
  • Calendar and Events box
  • QAC (QA Contributor) of the Month box for posting mug shots of volunteers and links to their profile/projects

Nice to Haves

  • Polls/Survey results in sidebar
  • Links to social bookmarking sites like Digg
  • Section for social networks (like Firefox groups at facebook, myspace, etc)
  • I'd like to see a change set for especially nightly testers, such that they can quickly become informed about what to focus on during their testing (if they want to do that) (auto-link to Bonsai? Rumbling Edge/Burning Edge don't seem to be reliable enough) - stephend


  • Was the plan to move stuff from mdc into QMO? I know we discussed about this before, but I'm not really sure anymore what the conclusion was. -mw22
  • Is there going to be an open wiki part of QMO? -mw22
  • Not really a question, more a remark. I really like the site, it makes it very clear, I think, what content I can find on the site. I don't really get that feeling with . But I like the glossary page: . I think QMO also should have such a page. -mw22

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