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Getting QMO off the ground is going to require collaboration between the QA and marketing teams, as well as the community. In trying to stay in sync with marketing's branding strategy and the SpreadFirefox launch, we will have a couple of alpha cycles to give a few folks a chance to use the site and give feedback, and will make an official announcement when everything is in place (site features + branding).

We hope to open the site up for public use before beta, in order to give existing community members an opportunity to get involved early...and to accelerate the QA team's transition from the old blog to the new site.


Prep (Target: April 27)

  • Branding cycle (john slater, jay, design team)
  • Website configuration (jay)

Pre-Alpha Test Drive (Target: April 30) - Mozilla QA team and select community members

  • QA team feedback and content generation (April 30 - May 11)
    • Events and Calendar (jay, marcia, tracy)
    • Stories and Blog (jay, juanb, tony)
    • General site layout (jay, sam)
  • Website updates and testing (May 7 - 11)
    • Review new docs and events (jay)
    • Talk to IT about performance/usage numbers

Alpha 1 (Target: May 31) - QA community evaluation and feedback

  • Public events and calendar
  • Start forum topics
  • Clean up docs and finalize web configuration

Alpha 2 (TBD)

Beta (TBD) - Official QMO release/announcement

  • Migration to production cluster
  • Marketing push and promotion
  • UE review and feedback
  • Community usage analysis and feedback


Alpha 1

  • Branding
    • Branding brainstorming (qa team - done)
    • Creative Brief (john)
  • Website development (jay)
    • Profile system and user gallery
    • Events Calendar
    • Stories/Blog setup
    • Forums setup
    • Book/Docs setup

Alpha 2

  • Website development (jay)
    • Integrate Drupal theme + logo + icons
    • Badge system
    • Performance/module tweaks
  • Content development
    • Bug Day documentation (ss)
      • Bug Writing Guide
      • Bugzilla Tutorial
    • Test Day documentation (tracy/marcia)
      • Testing Guide
      • Litmus tutorial
    • "Coming soon..." for Groups, Projects, Analysis, and Automation pages


  • Target Date: TBD
  • Branding integration and website refresh
    • Logo/Design mockups (community/design team)
    • Pick logo and design (qa team and community)
  • Announce QMO beta (, newsgroups, mZ, etc(
    • Make sure all public links related to Mozilla QA point to QMO
    • Clean up outdated content from

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