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  • With so many different channels of communication, new (and sometime veteran) mozilla contributors can sometimes get lost. Developers hang out in #developers, testers use, everyday users submit Talkback reports and browse the mozillaZine forums...there are just so many places to be.
  • Since QA is often the entry point for people interested in the mozilla project, it is critical to provide them with a place to go to get started. In the early days, was that place, but over the years it has become outdated as people migrated over to the forums, newsgroups, and wikis. So most of the information there, although still useful (and mostly relevant), is no longer enough to help someone get started with the mozilla project as a tester.
  • QMO will fix both problems mentioned above by providing a central portal for everything related to software quality, Mozilla QA, and the mozilla community.


  • Start with pretty UI and a blog. The website will be blog based so that we can post regularly as we have been doing with the QA blog, but also will provide us with a URL that will be easy for people to remember and get to... and from there, we plan to design that site such that every type of user and contributor will be able to find what they are looking for. By customizing the design of the site, we hope to create a unique identity for the QA team and community so we all have our own place in the mozilla project community. We have decided to go with Drupal 5.1 CMS for QMO and work has begun on building the basic site. It will be made public as soon as we have enough content there for it to be useful. :-)
  • Consolidate and update old documents. By finding and cleaning up pages from and the wiki, we hope to convert important docs into static pages, and provide links to certain wiki pages.
  • Make things quick and easy. Whether you want to look up a crash incident with your Talkback ID, find a list of bugs the need to be verified for Firefox 2.0, or see photos of some of our QA volunteers, you will be able to do so quickly and easily from QMO.
  • Create a launch pad for various QA tools/projects. With a portal like QMO, we will be able to promote important events and tools that will help everyone. By providing access to Talkback, Reporter, Hendrix, and Litmus, we hope new people will be able to find what they're interested in and start helping out.

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