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Name Location What I Do OS What I Can Do... Languages
Jay Patel , IRC: jay San Jose, CA Talkback Guru/Software Engineer at Mozilla Windows (XP, 2K), MacOS X, and Linux (Fedora) [nightly] crash analysis & debugging, general QA, webtools development English, Spanish, Gujarati
José Jeria , IRC: Jeria Munich, Germany Web Developer Windows XP and Mac OS X (Tiger) [nightly] Triage bugs, bug reporting, create testcases etc
Kevin Brosnan , IRC: kbrosnan Providence, RI Student, Work in my schools IT dept Windows, (2003, XP, 2000), MacOS x, Linux [Nightly] General QA, BFT, Triage bugs, end user Firefox and Thunderbird Help
Nitin Bhargava , IRC: vfwlkr Sunnyvale, CA H/W Design Engineer Windows XP [regular] General QA (interest in privacy and usability), mozillazine forums support (username: vfwlkr), mozillazine news editor
Stebs Erlangen, Germany (Nationality: Luxembourg) Student, Addicted Nightly Firefox User Windows XP [nightly] (Firefox): General QA; NFT; Find, Verification and Triage of Bugs in Mozillazine Nightly Forum (username: Stebs)
Jamie Diamond Atlanta, GA USA High School Sophmore Mac OS X 10.4.2 [regular] (Firefox): General QA; easier bugs (I don't know too much XUL or Javascript or C++ yet, UI and cosmetic bugs, keeping bug database up to date (triage wise), making sure people are using latest nightly; OS X UI integration issues; pre-release UI polish and cleanup. (username: Mediaright)
Ryan Flint , IRC: Ryan Madison, WI UW Student, Systems Administrator Windows XP, Linux (SUSE) [nightly] (Firefox/Thunderbird) General QA, NFT/BFT, Bug triage and Extension Development. JavaScript, PHP, Perl and XUL experience.
Rishi Maharaj Toronto, Canada Student, system administrator Windows (XP Home/98SE), Linux (Debian) [nightly] (Firefox) General QA, NFT/BFT, user support at MozillaZine Forums (username: Rishi M).
Jonathan Chang, Cupertino, CA Monta Vista High School Freshmen Windows (XP) [casual] (Firefox) Just starting casual ;-)
Neil Paris , IRC: steeler_fan Pittsburgh, PA Student Windows XP, Linux (MEPIS) [nightly] Triage/general QA
Joshua Henson , IRC: joshooah Greensboro, NC Student, web guru Windows XP, sometimes OS X (nightly) Firefox; general QA, BFT, NFT, Accessibility
Gary Elshaw IRC: gary Wellington, New Zealand Writer/Communications Guy OS X 10.4 [Nightly] Firefox [Casual] Thunderbird; general QA and triage
Hari Kumar G New Delhi, India Professional, Passionate about Computers Windows (2000) [nightly] Firefox (General QA, User Exp., Usability, BFTs, UI and also spreading firefox among fellow citizens)
Jo Hermans Antwerp, Belgium Software Engineer at Alcatel MacOS 10.2.8 [nightly] triaged bugs since 2001 (now: Firefox / Thunderbird)
Kieran Britton London, England Software Engineering Student at Westminster University Windows XP [nightly] Firefox since 2002 (General, QA, UI, etc)
Guillermo L�pez Aranda de Duero, Burgos, Spain Student WindowsXP y Linux (SuSE 9.3) [regular] Firebird and more. General. es-ES translation (I only check if all goes well, but I don't translate
Martin Perry London, England IT Consultant for a VAR in Central London Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.4.2 [nightly] General QA, OS X UI
Forrest Goodson Raleigh, NC USA Application Development Windows XP [nightly] General QA
J.M. Hardin Boston, MA Independent web designer Windows XP [nightly] Firefox and Thunderbird, General QA, mozillazine forums support (username: HardinComp)
M. Kurze Aachen, Germany Student, Web Developer current Mac OS X [nightly] Using FF nightly builds for web development.
Kevin Freitas Tacoma, WA Web Developer Windows XP [casual nightly] I keep up with the nightlies but do casual testing as well as extension compatibility testing.
Michael Krax , IRC: mikx Nuremberg, Germany Software Developer Windows (NT, 2000, XP, Vista), Linux (Fedora), Mac OS X (Tiger) [nightly] Firefox security, plugins (mainly media players), plugin scripting
Elfguy Montreal, Canada Video game tester Windows XP, Linux Ubuntu [nightly] Firefox
Chris Blore Billericay, Essex, UK Student Windows (XP, ME), Linux (Ubuntu) [nightly] I always use the latest nightlies, triage bugs in Bugzilla and provide support in the Mozillazine forums
Adam Guthrie , IRC: ispiked Raleigh, North Carolina Student Linux (Fedora), Windows XP [nightly] Firefox and Thunderbird; General QA, triage bugs, provide user-support on IRC; aspiring Mozilla hacker.
Daniel Steinbrook , IRC: MarbleheadMan Marblehead, Massachusetts, USA Student Windows XP, FreeBSD, occasional Linux LiveCD [Regular/Casual] While I love to tinker with software, make (and approve) extensions, and give skilled support in #firefox and #thunderbird, I realize that my loads of schoolwork must come before Mozilla fun; I test whenever I can, but I should probably be considered a casual tester.
IRC: RPGMarker35
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada Student, Computer Geek, Gamer Windows XP [nightly] Find bugs and regressions, create minor text change patches, find bug #'s for others, give support when possible

, and help test new things and fixes


IRC: Sander

Netherlands - but travelling the world (in USA at time of writing) Web Developer (at least while travelling), MSc Computer Science Windows 2000, Linux (Gentoo) [nightly] SeaMonkey only: General QA, bug triaging, support in #mozillazine, occassionally minor bug fixing.
Martin Creutziger, IRC: MMx Weinheim, Germany Student, Web Developer Mac OS X.3 [casual, regular] Test German nightlies, general QA, bug triaging
Carsten Book , IRC: Tomcat Pfronten, Bavaria, Germany Systemsadmin, Helpdesk Windows XP, 2k, 2003 Srv [nightly] Firefox,SeaMonkey,Tbird,General QA,Bug triaging, BFT, Enduser Help
Eric Portelance Ottawa, ON, Canada Student Windows XP, ArchLinux [nightly] General QA and bug reporting
DarkDazzle Pune, India Software Developer, Computer Geek Windows XP [Casual, Nightly] (Firefox) General QA and bug reporting
Jean-Michel Reghem , IRC and chats: jimich Binche, Belgium R&D engineer in Voice Technology (Text To Speech) Windows (XP), MacOS X, and Linux [nightly] Firefox and Thunderbird: BFT, NFT, General QA and bug reporting.

Skill in C/C++/C#/multi-platform development

Ron Mutchler Des Moines, IA iSeries Sys Admin, Web Developer, ZCE Windows XP [casual] Firefox: General QA and bug reporting
Pika Unforgiven someplace lazy person Windows 2000 SP4 [semi-casual] Firefox: Trunk testing/bug verification, QA. i primarily use hourlies and test bugs that interest me. i know some html, css, and javascript, pretty much just enough to get by. semi-active on the mozillazine forums when topics interest me or im able to offer help.
Ken Saunders New England, USA Web Developer, D.J., create Fx promos Windows XP, 98 [casual](trying to get my feet wet) QA, BFT, (Legally Blind) Accessibility testing
Kiran Bhamare Pune, India Software QA, Windows XP,NT [casual]Interested in BFT, Planning to contribute regularly and learn in the process.
Paul Andrel , IRC: pjandrel Phoenixvile, PA Software Development, QA Windows XP, Linux, Mac OSX, Solaris Find Bugs, Confirm Bugs, Trunk Testing, Smoketests/BFTs, Fix Bugs and more.
Jackie Liu , IRC: Jackie Vancouver, BC, Canada Windows XP, Linux (Fedora Core 6) Firefox General QA (Find/Confirm Bugs...) English
Pavel Cvrcek , IRC: JasnaPaka Pilsen, Czech republic Student, programmer Windows XP SP2, Linux (Debian Testing) [nightly] Firefox, Thunderbird, Find bugs, BFTs/FFTs/Smoketests English
Aleksej R. Serdyukov, IRC: Aleksej Moscow, Russia Debian GNU/Linux [casual, regular, events] Fx/SM bug triage Russian, Esperanto, English
Matthew Kairys, IRC: mkairys Melbourne, Australia Student, Web Designer Windows (XP, Vista), Linux (SUSE) [nightly] General QA English
fullmetaljacket Pilipinas System Admin Windows (XP, Vista) [nightly/hourly] Firefox and Thunderbird Vista QA, General QA, Triage bugs, bug reporting, create testcases etc English
Stephanie Daugherty, , IRC: Caitriona Havelock, NC, US Sysadmin Windows XP, Linux (Debian/amd64) General firefox/thunderbird/chatzilla QA, triage bugs, etc English
Henrik Skupin, , IRC: whimboo Karlsruhe, Germany Software-Developer Windows, Linux, Mac OS QA for Firefox and Thunderbird, Talkback, Bug reporting, Bugfixes German, English
Ivan Sladek, , Jabber: Prague, Czech Republic Web developer Windows XP & Vista, Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu) [causal] QA, Bug reporting, User support English, Czech, Slovak
Michael Alexander USA Software Quality Assurance Analyst Windows XP & Windows 7, Linux (Ubuntu) QA, Bug Reporting and Triage, Create test cases, etc English
Tony Mechelynck, IRC: tonymec Brussels, Belgium Retired openSUSE Linux [casual nightly] QA, bug reporting & triage: mainly SeaMonkey; occasionally Toolkit, Core, MailNews Core, Calendar, OtherApps::ChatZilla, OtherApps::DOMi; rarely ServerOps, Websites, etc. (when has bearing on the above) English, French, Esperanto, plus a few others: see my en:wiki Babel box for proficiency details