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Project Purpose

Clean up and reorganize the Firefox 3.7 Litmus testgroups into clear, concise and cohesive units such that MozQA can confidently have these suites run by others outside of the internal QA team.

Smoketests Overhaul

  • Smoketest suite reviewed during QA work week
  • Work completed.

BFT Overhaul

Please attempt to finish half of your assigned test cases during each of the first two full weeks of April. Then we can review any issues you may have and completely resolve this project by the end of April.

In your assigned subgroups, you'll have two major processes to follow; The tear down and the rebuild. The guidelines for those are described below.

BFT subgroups and test case summaries are in the Tracking Doc.

Please track status for each test case as follows:

   a) "As is" [no update needed]
   b) "Delete" [removed from BFT list]
   c) "Updated" [updated (or merged) the test case]
   d) "Added" [created new or brought in from FFT]
   e) "Review" [Needs post review] 

Tear Down

The following are guidelines for filtering out test cases. The answer to each of the first 3 questions should be yes for the test case to remain in the BFT set. (exception - A yes to #1 can override no for #2 and #3. please carefully consider #1 in that case). Recommend doing 1-3 first, then work with the feature dev(s) to ascertain #4.

  1. Is the function under test one of the most basic and often used parts of the feature?
  2. Is there no Preference flipping involved?
  3. Is there no external (to Firefox) setup required.
  4. Is the function under test heavily covered my automated suites like mochitest, browser chrome tests, etc.? If so, consider removing the test from the BFT.

Does anything seem blatantly missing? If so, create a new test case or pull in an FFT test case, if it already exists.


Time to put it all back together and polish it up for public use.

  1. First put the test cases in logical order for the feature. Consider the following:
    • Go from basic to more complicated parts of the feature.
    • Group like test cases together. note: recommend using ashughes' [feature: subfeature] prefixing method in the summary.
  2. Once ordered, look at the like test cases, some will be able to be logically chunked together into a single clear test case.
  3. Ensure each test case has 1 to 1 : Steps to Expectations whenever possible
  4. Remove any keyboard short cut references
  5. Links to external pages out of MozQA's control should no longer be used, if possible. Create reduced test case pages for Mozilla internal storage. Please refer to instruction here. There is a column in the tracking spreadsheet noting which test cases need something converted to litmus data.

Important: If you update tests which are covered by Mozmill, inform Henrik about those changes. Please indicate in the spreadsheet, in the Mozmill column, which cases you have made significant changes to test cases that have Mozmill automation coverage.

That's it! Run the BFT subgroup. It should now be clear and concise and flow well from start to finish.