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In about:config, change both:

  1. extensions.getAddons.recommended.url and to be
  2. Open Tools | Add-ons, click the "Get Add-ons" tab
  3. Search for:
    1. Most popular add-ons (piclens/cooliris, foxmarks, adblock plus, firebug, twitter, personas, etc.)
    2. Note that results are filtered to your platform (Win, Mac, Linux) and version-compat range, so, e.g., using Firefox 3.0.8 on Windows will only return you compatible add-ons for a maxVersion of 3.0.* and Windows/All
      1. Returns NO Sandboxed add-ons
    3. Add-ons marked platform="ALL" should be found using any of the 3 platforms
    4. Add-ons marked platform="WINNT", it follows, should be found only using a Windows user-agent
      1. So, using Windows, search for a Mac-only add-on ('Darwin' is the OS value required.)
      2. Be sure to also note that you're using the preview AMO database, and as such, will be returned different results from prod
    5. Search for "flag"
    6. Load a few URLs such as, substituting the add-on ID
    7. Search for "faster%20"
    8. Ensure ratings match between the manager/preview