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Fenix 101.0.0 Beta 6 | Fenix 101.1.0 RC | Fenix 101.1.1 RC

Firefox 101.1.0 RC Test Plan

Full Functional & UI tests

QA Task Person/Group
Softvision Alternating

QA Assignment

Assigned Build type Device Completed Results
Andrei Jolțan ARM - automated UI tests Google Pixel 3a (Android 11) May 24th, 2022 Pass
Lorand Janos ARM Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 (Android 9) May 24th, 2022 Pass
Delia Pop ARM Google Pixel 6 (Android 12) May 24th, 2022 Pass
Laurentiu Apahidean ARM OnePlus 6T (Android 9) May 24th, 2022 Pass
Sorina Florean ARM Nokia 6 (Android 7.1.1) May 24th, 2022 Pass
Oana Horvath ARM - automated UI tests Google Pixel 2 (Android 9) May 24th, 2022 Pass

Manual and automated test runs

Bug verification

All May 24th, 2022 N/A

  • Update to Android-Components 101.0.9.


New issues



Known issues


  • 22486 - History UI deletion of items is very buggy


  • 10319 - [Bug] Tapping a media notification from a PWA should open the PWA
  • 13833 - [Bug] The opened tabs / bookmarks are displayed in the search screen at the bottom of the search screen
  • 22186 - [Bug]: "Jump back in" and "Recent bookmarks" options are focused when tapping on "View" after creating a collection
  • 24165 - [Bug]: Search groups not displayed under Jump Back in section on Sony Xperia
  • 17523 - [Bug] The Recently closed tabs counter is not updated before opening the list
  • 23671 - [Bug]: the same page can be added to bookmarks from tabs tray multiple time (no snackbar/ message is displayed informing that the page is already a bookmark)
  • 23670 - [Bug]: The previously deleted tabs are restored when the collection is restored
  • 2725 - [Bug] Undo snackbar is not displayed when removing a tab from a collection
  • 13177 - [Bug] Strange Tab in Collections Items Behavior When Deleting Multiple Tabs
  • 15996 - [Bug] Search widget is light with dark theme
  • 16820 - [Bug] Unable to play certain videos on the page due to unsupported video format
  • 24634 - [Bug]: Deleted tabs from a collection are still displayed when share dialog is open
  • 24540 - Restored collection has fewer tabs
  • 9323 - [Bug]The microphone icon for widget is not displayed on 2x1 size
  • 9910 - Display video in full-screen when returning from PiP mode
  • 22012 - [Bug]: Inactive tabs section turns "incognito" dark after returning from private tab
  • 22547 - [Bug]: Pausing/Playing an audio file from from the media notification causes a visual defect
  • 21960 - [Bug]: Disabling "Zoom on all websites" will not reset zoom level on certain webpages until refreshing
  • 23064 - [Bug]: "Jump back in" tabs are not visible on homescreen
  • 21498 - [Bug]: Zooming & scrolling some pages, displays the pages' toolbar dynamic