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Fenix 99.0.0 Beta 4 | Fenix 99.0.0 Beta 5 | Fenix 99.1.0 RC

Firefox 99.0.0 Beta 5 Test Plan

Full Functional & UI tests

QA Task Person/Group
Softvision Alternating

QA Assignment

Assigned Build type Device Completed Results
Lorand Janos ARM Samsung S10E (Android 10) March 25th, 2022 Pass
Lorand Janos ARM Xiaomi Mi11 Lite (Android 11) March 25th, 2022 Pass
Laurentiu Apahidean ARM Huawei Media Pad M3 (Android 7) March 25th, 2022 Pass
Sorina Florean ARM Sony Xperia (Android 6.0.1) March 25th, 2022 Pass
Oana Horvath x86 - automated tests Google Pixel 2 (Android 9) March 25th, 2022 Pass

Manual and automated test runs

Bug verification

All March 25th, 2022 Done
  • Update to Android-Components 99.0.7
  • 24447 - Enable Clear Site Data- ✅Verified as fixed on Fenix 99.0.0-Beta.5 and Nightly


New issues



Known issues


  • 22486 - History UI deletion of items is very buggy


  • 24131 - [Bug]: "Disconnect" button is not working on Sony Xperia after a period of time
  • 24106 - [Bug]: A white/grey flicker is displayed for a split second while the website loads or when switching tabs
  • 13833 - [Bug] The opened tabs / bookmarks are displayed in the search screen at the bottom of the search screen
  • 16128 - [Bug] "Font size" option is aligned to the left on tablets
  • 22186 - [Bug]: "Jump back in" and "Recent bookmarks" options are focused when tapping on "View" after creating a collection
  • 23814 - [Bug]: Search result page not always included in Recently visited search group
  • 21960 - [Bug]: Disabling "Zoom on all websites" will not reset zoom level on certain webpages until refreshing
  • 16820 - [Bug] Unable to play certain videos on the page due to unsupported video format
  • 23064 - [Bug]: "Jump back in" tabs are not visible on homescreen
  • 22012 - [Bug]: Inactive tabs section turns "incognito" dark after returning from private tab
  • 9323 - [Bug]The microphone icon for widget is not displayed on 2x1 size
  • 9910 - Display video in full-screen when returning from PiP mode
  • 21356 - [Bug] No crash report notification is triggered after app crash on Xiaomi device