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QA Assignment

Assigned Completed Results
Catalin Suciu March 3rd, 2015 done
Flaviu Cos March 3rd, 2015 done
Teodora Vermesan March 3rd, 2015 done


  • Bugs Verified:
    • bug 1134717 - [dsb, hsb, my, son, sq, uz] Add Lower Sorbian, Upper Sorbian, Burmese, Songhai, Albanian, and Uzbek to maemo-locales
    • bug 1124884 - Search history is not cleared in Firefox Search after using "Clear Private Data" in Firefox
    • bug 1098390 - Graphic buffer garbage shown and persists when entering full-screen (video/regular content) in Android 5.0 (Nexus 5)
    • bug 1134192 - Opening a new tab while playing a video in fullscreen will open the tab in some sort of fullscreen mode
    • bug 1133770 - Selected tab in tab strip (tablet) not always visible after changing orientation