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Tracking Bugs


What are tracking protection and DNT

1. Tracking protection: Firefox will prevent sites from tracking you:

Tracking protection allows you to take control of your privacy online. While Firefox has a 'Do Not Track' feature that tells websites not to monitor your behavior, companies are not required to honor it. Firefox's Tracking Protection feature puts the control back in your hands by actively blocking domains and sites that are known to track users. So, Firefox prevents companies from collecting your information without your consent by blocking websites that do not honor Do Not Track.

2. Do no track: Fennec will tell sites that you do not want to be tracked

Do Not Track feature that lets you express a preference not to be tracked by websites. When the feature is enabled, Firefox will tell advertising networks and other websites and applications that you want to opt-out of tracking for purposes like behavioral advertising. It does this by transmitting a Do Not Track HTTP header every time your data is requested from the Web.

How to turn on Tracking Protection

Tracking Protection can be turned on with the following steps: 1

   Enter about:config in the URL bar.
   Search for privacy.trackingprotection.enabled
   Tap once "privacy.trackingprotection.enabled" and then tap "Toggle" button 


   Go to Menu -> Settings -> Privacy: check "Tracking protection" option

This options will turn on Tracking Protection


How to use Tracking Protection

Tracking Protection information is revealed through the same doorhanger as mixed content blocking. Both types of protection involve blocking network loads that match certain criteria. Once Tracking Protection is activated, you will see a shield whenever Firefox is blocking either tracking domains or mixed content. You may choose to disable Tracking Protection for a particular site by clicking on the doorhanger and selecting "Disable protection". Once Tracking Protection is disabled for a site, you will see a shield with a red strike-through. You may choose to re-enable Tracking Protection for the site by clicking the doorhanger and selecting "Enable protection".

Tracking Protection enabled
Tracking Protection disabled

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