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The purpose of this wiki is to serve as a general test plan for verifying that we can create MVP Triggers and Deeplinks for Mobile Marketing Automation


Developer contact: Susheel Daswani [slack - @sdaswani]

QA: Simion Basca [slack - @sbasca]

Overall Status

[LANDED] Master 10-08-2017

[NOT LANDED] Beta 9.0

Testing Summary

Scope of testing

  • The testing will be focus on
  • Events Trigged:
    • First Launch
    • Dismiss Onboarding
    • Second Launch
    • The App is Launched
    • Opening a New Tab
    • Interacting with the URL bar
    • Bookmarking a Page
    • Opening a Bookmark
    • Open Telephone link
    • Opening MailTo link from a Web Page
    • Clear Private Data
    • Download Videos / Media
    • Save Password and Login from Door Hangar
    • Open Login Manager
    • Download Focus
    • Download Pocket
    • Tap "Share" button
    • Sign in to FxA
    • Tap "Reader View" button
  • User Attribute:
    • Focus Installed
    • Klar Installed
    • Mailto preference
    • Signed In Sync
    • Telemetry Opt In
    • App version
    • Pocket Installed
  • Deep links:
    • Link to Sync settings
    • Link to default mail app settings
    • Link to default search engine settings
    • Link to bookmark dialog / page
    • Link to history dialog
    • Link into New Tabs settings
    • Link into Homepage settings
    • Link into Private Data settings
    • Link to New Private Tab (or a way to highlight/bubble new private tab mask)
    • Link to general settings page


Testing will be performed on following devices:

  • Phones
    • iPhone 7 -> iOS 10.3.3
  • Tablet
    • iPad Air 2 -> 10.3.3


User stories

  • As a privacy conscious user, I want to be informed that Firefox offers a simple and fast privacy focused browser called Focus
  • As a conscious user, I want to be aware of some relevant and helpful features within the app

Testing details

Testing days


  • Created Test Plan

Test Cases





  • Bug verification and updated Test Run accordingly

Bug Work

Tracking bugs

  • Meta bug
Full Query
ID Priority Summary Status Assigned to
1337436 -- Integrate closed source Leanplum SDK RESOLVED Stefan Arentz [:st3fan]
1337437 -- Integrate open source Leanplum SDK RESOLVED
1337630 -- Leanplum iOS - First Run (market and feature specific) RESOLVED
1337631 -- Leanplum iOS - Add-Ons/App promotion RESOLVED
1337632 -- Leanplum iOS - Sync Promotion RESOLVED
1337634 -- Leanplum iOS - Mail app Promotion RESOLVED
1337930 -- iOS Leanplum - Data collection documentation RESOLVED
1351446 P1 LeanPlum Phase I Integration RESOLVED Bryan Munar (:bkmunar)
1391687 -- Send an event when the user saves an image VERIFIED
1391690 -- "E_Opened_New_Tab" is not triggered when opening a new tab via '+' symbol on iPad VERIFIED Bryan Munar (:bkmunar)
1391692 -- Send an event when the user bookmarks on the new tab page VERIFIED
1393457 -- "E_First_Run" is not triggered on when launching Firefox after a clean install RESOLVED
1393458 P1 "E_First_Run" and "E_Second_Run" is not triggered after launching Firefox a second time VERIFIED Bryan Munar (:bkmunar)
1393459 -- "E_Opened_App" is not triggered when launching Firefox RESOLVED
1393466 P2 "E_Opened_New_Tab" not triggered when opening a new tab via menu from Tabs Tray VERIFIED Bryan Munar (:bkmunar)
1393473 P3 LeanPlum: "Opened Telephone Link" is not triggered when opening a telephone link NEW
1393492 P1 "Mailto Is Default" reads "False" on clean install and unregistered device and it should read "True" VERIFIED
1393506 -- 'Push Pre-Permission' message can be sent only once RESOLVED
1393729 P1 Unable to register device after changing the Region and Language to DE VERIFIED Farhan Patel [:farhan]
1393765 -- Firefox will crash when trying to open the deeplink for the History page RESOLVED
1393766 P3 Deep Link to Sync settings not firing correctly NEW
1394469 P1 Push notification misbehave after sending a register for push from Leanplum VERIFIED James Hugman [:jhugman] [@jhugman]
1395124 P1 Leanplum events (E_First_Run and E_Second_Run) not firing correctly when first launching the app VERIFIED Farhan Patel [:farhan]

23 Total; 2 Open (8.7%); 12 Resolved (52.17%); 9 Verified (39.13%);



  • All test cases should be executed
  • All blockers, criticals must be fixed and verified or have an agreed-upon timeline for being fixed


Nightly testing

  • Completed

Beta testing

  • Completed