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Assigned Device Completed
IoanaChiorean Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Android 4.0.1) February 9th, 2012

issues found:

Known bugs:

  • bug 698776 - [Tablet UI] Awesomebar drop down doesn't resize properly after the device switches its orientation
  • bug 698791 - [Tablet UI] Awesomebar drop down is not dismissed when Star button is tapped
  • bug 699042 - [Tablet UI] Enable the ability to undo a closed tab in portrait mode
  • bug 698403 - JavaScript content is flickering
  • bug 700321 - Performing a double tap to zoom in/out will scroll up/down the webpage
  • bug 698396 - Sync is performed even if Master Password confirmation is canceled
  • bug 698444 - Cancel button doesn't dismiss the Master Password popup, if it was already canceled before
  • bug 721105 - A lot of calling document.title can hang Fennec
  • bug 699412 - After viewing some pages, switching tabs or navigating back to prior pages do not display at all in content view
  • bug 722326 - Sync account is automatically removed/disconnected after Fennec restarts, if Master Password was set