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Currently, there is a dearth of components available on the Fennec Product within Bugzilla. The Mobile Quality team believes that several bugs are not being picked up efficiently and feel that this problem will become worse as a larger number of features, platforms and devices are included into the mobile browser. One step in fixing this problem will be to add more components into the Fennec Product. The following are a list of components that are currently in Bugzilla and another of those that will be added.

Current Components

  • General
  • Extension Compatibility
  • Linux/Maemo
  • Windows Mobile

Components to Be Added

Name Description QA Contact
bookmarks Bugs and feature requests for bookmarks. This includes the add and modify bookmarks dialogs and the bookmarks manager. bookmarks@fennec.bugs
panning/zooming Bugs and feature requests for panning (a.k.a scrolling) and zooming on touch-screen interfaces. panzoom@fennec.bugs

The Plan

  1. Add components listed here to the Fennec Product all in one bug ( bug 543358 )
  2. Consolidate bugs from "General" that fit better with the new components