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Fennec 1.1 RC 1 B3 Test Results

The covered testing for this release will focus on smoketests, BFTs and updates. For a list of new features coming in for Fennec 1.1, take a look at the Mobile Planning Page and for test coverage, look at our test plan.

Project contacts

PM: Stuart Parmenter (stuart)
Build: John O'duinn (oduinn)
QA: Aakash Desai (aakashd)


Code Freeze
-- 6/14
Builds hand to QA
-- 6/15
QA test signoff
-- 6/15
  • See Test Coverage below

Build Location and IDs


Test Coverage

  • Areas Covered:
    • Fixed Bug Verification
    • Updates

Fixed Bugs Verifications

The following link contains a list of bugs that are fixed for beta 1 and need verifications:


Fennec 1.0.1 can be downloaded from the Mozilla Catalog as well as the Ovi Store for Maemo. For beta purposes, verification of updating Fennec 1.0 to the candidate builds will need to be performed on multi-locale and single locale builds.

Builds to be Tested:

  • multi-locale
  • 1 single-locale

Updates tests to perform for each build

Test Results

Types of Tests n900
  • aakashd - PASS

Detailed Test Results

Updates Results

n900 [aakashd]

  • Build: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux armv7l; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100614 Firefox/3.6.5pre Fennec/1.1
    • Single local build: fr
  • Results: PASS
  • Notes: None