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Feature <Ctrl-Tab > Test Plan
  • First draft created 8-15-08
  • Revised 11-20-08

Update: This feature was pulled from Beta 2 per Bug 465843]



The Ctrl-Tab feature introduces a scrolling tab filmstrip panel that is invoked when you press Ctrl-Tab. It allows the user to cycle through a set of tabs both forward and backward and stop on an individual tab. There is also a plan for a tab preview mode.

The one particular challenge I can think of is the differences per platform in how key events may be handled (Mac 10.4 vs. 10.5) as well as some minor differences in Windows.

Test Strategy

  • Plan to test
    • General Operation of Control Tab feature according to spec
      • Scrolling, both forward and backward
      • Confirm Releasing Tab and pressing it again moves to the next preview
      • Confirm Pressing W closes the selected tab
      • Confirm Releasing Ctrl switches to the selected tab
      • Confirm Pressing Tab repeatedly with Control held down will cycle through thumbnails of the tabs you’ve visited in order, with each press of Tab going one thumbnail back in time.
      • Confirm that holding down the tab cycles quickly through the tabs
      • Confirm proper rending of tab, including favicon
      • Confirm proper rendering of tab when there is multiple content types in the tabs, such as any embedded plugins (Flash, Java, RealPlayer, etc.), and especially dynamic content (AJAX, DHTML animations).
        • Confirm they show properly in the preview
      • Interoperability with the Esc key
        • Does it properly close the tab preview?
      • Confirm Opening multiple tabs in two windows, and ensure that the set for the current window is correct.
        • Confirm a window with multiple tabs doesn't show up when you try to preview a window with less than 3 tabs.
      • Confirm Aero Glass displays in Ctrl-Tab
  • Invoking the Grid View - Ctrl+Shift+A / Cmd+Shift+A
    • Confirm Shows tabs from all open windows
    • Confirm Tabs can be closed by middle clicking
    • Confirm Search field filters tabs based on their titles and addresses, Enter selects the first tab
  • Negative Testing
    • Testing with machines that have Low memory configurations
    • Extending boundaries – Testing with ~100 tabs open
  • Interoperability with Existing Major Tab Extensions
    • Basic testing to make sure feature is still usable with extensions installed
  • Testcases will mainly be created in Litmus

Schedule Scoping

  • Major feature has been landed. Awaiting the landing of the preview mode.
  • Planned testing of Features
    • Testing of nightly checkins
    • Full run through the Tabbed Browsing FFT to catch any possible regressions
    • Install and check several major extensions


Open Bugs

Testcases added to Litmus