QA/Firefox3/Planning Meetings/2007-05-01

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FFx3 Planning mtg - QA Notes



Alpha 5 features

  • Search engine keyword support
    • Gavin reviewing community member patch
  • Identify framework
    • dolsky
  • nsTextFrame migration to themes
    • ROC
  • Growl integration
    • Gavin brew whistle 'cause it broke shit!
    • Places will be ready
    • Content handlers - some for A5, but may not be all
      • dmose

Drivers for Alphas

  • Schrep, mconnor, beltzner, someone from gecko side(?, Vlad?)
  • Benjamin
    • No blocking flags - can we get this for next alpha?
    • mconnor: use target milestone and general blocking1.9 flags
    • mconnor to post plan for marking bugs blocking

Discussion about UI Freeze for B1

  • B1 needs frozen strings for localizers. Localization was planned for between B1 and B2. This enables smartware testing


  • Smoketests done for A4 along with some spot checks for new features
  • More A4 feature testing over next week or two
  • Developing test cases (Manual and automated) for upcoming features. Tests should be ready by B1 or B2