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What will be tested

Make sure this all works in Private Browsing mode in 3.1 as well as not-private-browsing.

For banks:

  • Successful login to the banking or financial site
  • Making a transaction (transferring $$, paying bill)
  • Viewing statements
  • Printing statements
  • Proper layout and all dialogs are able to be viewed properly

For investment sites (stock trading):

  • Log in
  • Make a trade (buy or sell stock)
  • View graphs/portfolio information/real time stock prices
  • View statement
  • Print statement
  • Layout and dialogs are correct

For tax filing sites:

  • Log in or register
  • View previous returns (if available)
  • File return
  • Print resulting documents
  • All dialogs are shown and correct

Feedback Channels to be monitored

  • and will be monitored as part of the test plan, to identify any other potential issues

US Banks

Mozilla QA team Community Covered (11.9, juanb) Covered Covered Covered Covered (breckard) Covered Covered Covered Covered (11.9, juanb)
Washington Mutual Covered (11.9, juanb)
USAA Covered (supernova00)
ING Direct Covered (supernova00)
TCF Covered (sdwilsh)
Prosper Covered (sdwilsh)
GMAC Bank Covered (sdwilsh)
TD Ameritrade
H&R Block
Regions Bank
Capital One

Canadian Banks

Mozilla QA team Community Covered Covered Covered Covered Covered (11.9, armenzg_qa)

Europe/Asia/Everywhere Else

Mozilla QA team Community
Deutsche Kreditbank (Germany) Covered Covered (Germany) Covered (marcoz) Covered
Caisse d'épargne (France) Covered
Le Crédit Lyonnais - LCL (France) Covered
Sparkasse Covered
National Westminster Bank (NatWest) (U.K.) [1] Covered
BNP (France) Covered (11.9, pascalc)
ING (Belgium) [2] Covered
Nationwide Building Society (UK) [3] Covered (Firefalcon)
Abbey (UK) - Business Banking Site [4] Covered (Firefalcon)
Société Générale (France) [5] Covered
Postbank (The Netherlands) [6] Covered