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Firefox 3 Mac Theme Test Plan

Maintained by: Marcia Knous

  • First Draft, 12/17/07
  • Updated 1/15/08


The primary goal of this QA test plan is the testing of the Mac Theme currently designated as "proto" which is intended to ship as the default theme for Mac for the final version of Firefox 3.

Visual Integration on the Mac platform

According to Alex Faaborg's blog post of 12/13/07, a major component of the visual integration strategy will be matching each platform's conventions for icon design (this would be Aqua on Mac). This includes using a unified style that will ensure that the theme looks the same on Tiger as it does on Leopard. Concepts that were outlined in his 10/10/07 blog post include:

  • Correct appearance of sidebars
  • Cover flow-esque styling in the Addons Manager
  • Transparent Panel Styling (AKA HUD window styling)

Latest Version of Theme

  • Please download the latest nightly as it now is included by default

Scope of Planned Testing

Testing will cover the areas below. Exceptions are noted under the "Will Not Test" section.

  • Installing and Uninstalling the Theme
    • Confirm theme can be disabled
    • Confirm theme can be uninstalled
    • Confirm something happens when default theme is only theme and is then uninstalled
    • Verify preview functionality in Add ons Manager
  • Theme Updates
    • Confirm that when updates are available for theme they can be installed
  • OS integration
    • Respecting key presses
  • Default Theme
    • How theme plays with Spaces on 10.5 (currently an issue on Beta 2)
    • Install proto with personas extension running. Check for visual flaws (will personas be marketed as a big feature in the final version of Firefox 3)
  • Visual Styling
    • Confirming all icons are themed (Currently Broken Website is not) according the theme inventory prepared by the Visual Identity team
      • Lock Icon
      • Software Update icon
      • Crash Reporter icon (currently the same as Software Update icon)
      • Icons in Protocol Handling dialog
      • Icons in Add Ons Manager
      • Icons in Download Manager
      • Icons in Preferences
      • Icons in Places
      • Icons in Help Contents
      • Icons in Error Console/DOM Inspector?
    • Confirming overall theme style
      • Dialogs
      • Windows
  • Toolbar
    • Customizing
    • Verifying icon functionality
    • Verifying placement of icons when they are moved back and forth from the customize area
  • Location Bar
    • Verifying location bar functionality, including Larry UI
    • Dragging and dropping location bar back and forth from the customize toolbar
  • Search Bar
    • Verifying functionality
  • Tooltips
    • Confirm functionality of all tooltips
  • Tabbed Browsing
    • Verify visual inspection of tab overflow
    • Verify tab rendering

Will Not Test

Will NOT test

Platforms and Configurations

  • OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
  • OS X 10.4 (Tiger)

Major Test Areas

Our Test coverage will be a multi-leveled approach:

  • 1. Functional testing and
  • 2. Some stress/boundary/negative tests (depth of functionality):
    • Currently there are no specific FFT in Litmus to run on the Leopard and Tiger operating systems.
  • 3. Ad hoc and regression testing
  • 4. A test day specific to Theme testing

Functional Testing

  • We will run the Litmus Leopard specific testing suite to flesh out any issues on that OS.

Stress testing/Negative Testing(depth of functionality):

Ad hoc & regression testing

The Mozilla community users will cover some of the Ad hoc testing. Regression testing will cover:

  • QA Verification of Resolved bugs

References to Relevant Blog Posts

References to Relevant Bugs

Fixed Bugs that need to be verified

Bugs to Keep an eye on

Current list of issues seen with theme on trunk (version 0.9.1)

  • Seen using 10.5
    • Text highlight in Find is hot pink (much different than in default theme)
    • Report a broken website icon is not styled according to the theme
    • Expand widget is missing when you look at individual RSS feeds (dropdown widget located next to tag line which allows you to expand the pane and see the available tabs to pick). In the current implementation of the proto theme (1-22-08) the widget is missing and the only way I can expand that pane is to click around in the area where the widget is.

Litmus test cases added or changed


( Provide some breakdown of the major areas of the feature, how long it will take to develop or run the tests, and an approximate time this will be done.