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Major Update Test Results: Fx20011 - Fx3b3 on betatest

We will track the first iteration of Fx2 - Fx3 MU test results in this page. The tests can be found in the Firefox 3 catchall test suite in Litmus.

Windows (tracy)

  • en-US
  • it
  • de

Mac (tchung)

  • en-US
  • ja-jp-mac
  • fr

Linux (juanb)

  • en-US - PASS
    • Tested with rich profile including bookmarks, feeds, history, compatible/incompatible extensions, saved passwords, compatible plugin (flash), a default search engine plugin change (to Yahoo!). These preferences were kept.
    • Next I need to test default download location, saved form data, incompatible plugins, anything with saved certificates, and ...
    • Similar issues found regarding Details link, as noted in the Notes below.
  • nl
  • ko


  • tchung:
    • bug 412348 – MU: Titles are missing in history dropdown for urls w/out www. Filed and nominated for blocking.
    • bug 412372 – Software Update dialog window needs text update for Fx2->Fx3. Filed for tracking.
  • juanb
    • bug 414629 - MU: feed does not work on Vista after MU