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Feature Content Handling - Password, Identity - Test Plan

Covered by Juan Becerra (juanb) and Carsten Book (Tomcat) Anthony Hughes (ashughes)


Rewriting the Passwort Manager and improving of the Password Manager Function.


Scope of planned testing

  • Cleanup of old (2.0 Branch)
  • Cover of new Features
  • Testing for Regressions in Firefox 3 with 2.0 Testcases
  • Monitoring of new filed Bugs to cover regression with tests
  • Review mochikit tests to assess existing coverage

Platform and Configurations

  • ALL OS (Mac, Linux, Windows, Windows Vista)
  • Testing with new Profiles
  • Testing with old Profiles

Major Test Areas

  • Litmus
    • Testcases are in Litmus Firefox 3 Testcases
    • Covering new Features with Testcases (see Bugs for new Feature/Change Information)
      • bug 106400 [RFE] Pwmgr should support OS X Keychain - Cut
      • bug 226735 replace modal pre-submit save password dialog with post-submit bar Fixed
      • bug 354706Password manager prompts for master password after login to an already known site
      • bug 360493 CVE-2006-6077) – Cross-Site Forms + Password Manager = Security Failure Fixed
      • bug 376668 Bug 376668 – Improve discoverability of PW autofill with multiple accounts - At Risk
      • bug 376674 Improve password security by generating and managing strong passwords - Cut
      • bug 376682 Improve password management UI - Moved to P2 -At Risk
      • bug 378302 Allow wildcards & password management by IP - Cut ?
      • bug 380222 Rewrite fillDocument() after new pwmgr lands Fixed
      • bug 381164 when Master Password is used, it is asked at every startup Fixed
      • bug 383229 Password Manager should honor the master password timeout prefs
      • bug 225849 permanently remembering certificate does not work IN FIPS MODE if master password has not been entered
      • bug 382734 [meta] Master Password issues
      • bug 302238 When incorrect master password is entered, password manager should say so in master password dialog - No P?
    • Monitoring of new filed Bugs to cover regressions


  • First Test Drafts for GP 1.9 B1 on Litmus - to test the new features (depend also on Feature Progress)
  • 8/28 Backend re-write should be complete by now. Some UI landings still pending (location bar indicator?).

New Testcases added

Testcases changed for Firefox 3

Automated Testcases