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Test Plan for Search, Tabbed Browsing and Visual Refresh changes for Firefox 3.0.

  • Originally created by stephend
    • Revised 10-25-07 by marcia


The components we will be testing have been features in Firefox since 1.0, so we don't expect any major changes. Instead, we will be focusing on the tweaks and bug fixes for those components in order to identify any changes to existing test cases that need to be made, as well as new test cases that might need to be written.

Scope of planned testing

Much of the testing will be visual inspection of UI and functionality testing of basic features like search and tabs. We will be focusing on testing the fixes to a number of bugs:

Search: Currently three new features:

  • bug 378553 – Expose search engine alias functionality
  • bug 267831 – resizing search bar works but looks bad
  • bug 380785 - Add Wikipedia to the default search engine list

Tabbed Browsing: "Major" Bugs:

  • bug 175124 - Data-loss issue related to tabs/windows
  • bug 347363 - Implement smooth scroll for the tabbar
    • bug 393006 - Use a constant tab scrolling speed when holding down the scroll arrows
    • bug 357081 - tab bar doesn' t resume scrolling when moving off button and back on while holding mouse button
    • bug 357951 - Double clicking on the tab overflow scroll buttons should scroll by the width of the tab bar
  • bug 345741 - Improve "All Tabs" menu active/visible tab feedback. (This will highlight the menu items of visible tabs when the tab bar is overflown. The back-end work is in but I still need to get ui-r on the actual theme css)
  • bug 380960 - Implement closing tabs animation
    • pending review
  • bug 395980 - Implement Ctrl+Tab panel to go to previously selected tabs
    • pending ui-review
  • bug 361735 - middleclick on a search suggestion should open the result in a new tab

"Minor" Bugs:

  • bug 380381 - Winstripe background tabs polish (Windows/Linux only)
  • bug 349196 - All Tabs menu doesn't use right edge image with browser.tabs.closeButtons = 3

UI Fixes: This will be a growing list of bugs for individual UI tweaks and minor bug fixes. We currently have the following: "Major" Bugs:

  • bug 369075 - Add permanent button for restarting Firefox to Add-ons Mgr
    • v.fixed 6/25 (will add testcase for restarting with button)
  • bug 294800 - beautify default ftp:// and file:/// CSS and icons
  • bug 366797 (and dependencies; still WIP!) - Revise the Location Bar
  • bug 386163 - 'Set Desktop Background' preview refactoring: use canvas in all cases, support widescreen previews

"Minor" Bugs:

  • bug 347607 - Landscape icon has wrong orientation in "Page Setup" dialog
  • bug 362239 - Replace 'desktop background' monitor image on Windows with something nicer

Platform and Configurations

Firefox is cross-platform, so changes to these components should apply to Windows, Mac, and Linux in similar ways.

  • MacOS X builds now have Cocoa widget support, so we will need to pay special attention to UI differences between that platform vs Windows and Linux.

Major Test Areas


Tabbed Browsing

Visual Refresh & UI


( Provide some breakdown of the major areas of the feature, how long it will take to develop or run the tests, and an approximate time this will be done.


(List useful links to the bug containing design info, feature meeting notes, wiki info, standards info, litmus group or subgroup, etc)

Current list of Verified bugs

  • Search
    • bug 267831 - add a splitter to resize the search bar
    • bug 378553 – Expose search engine alias functionality
  • Tabbed Browsing
    • bug 175124 - Data-loss issue related to tabs/windows

Litmus Test Cases Added for Search

Several regression related cases were added by ispiked:

Litmus Test Cases Added for Tabbed Browsing

replaces the currently selected tab with the tabset