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Begin testing April 20th
Finish testing as much as possible ~May 15th
Absolutely must be ready to ship by May 28th

What to test:

  1. Run through the pages for each available/completed locale
  2. Make sure that the pages look OK in Right To Left languages, which are:
    1. he, ar, fa
  3. Make sure that if we display a Download Now box somewhere, the box is big enough for the translated text
  4. If we have a screenshot, see if it makes sense to have it localized (Firefox interface and web page displayed)
    1. Tier one locales should have:
      1. Localized text
      2. Localized websites in the screenshot
      3. Worry about seeing Windows Vista screenshots primarily, but check for Mac screenshots on the tier 1 locales
    2. Tier two locales:
      1. To prioritize, ensure that their firstrun and whatsnew pages are localized first
    3. Tier three locales:
      1. Best effort, as time allows (tier three list)
  5. See if all links work correctly, we often provide redirects to Mozilla Europe/Japan/China for pages like the release notes
  6. Testing of any locale fallback mechanism we put on the pages, make sure that we do not send people to non-translated resources if we have a translated one
  7. Ensure XHTML Strict 1.0 validation
    1. W3C validator
  8. Localized page titles


  1. First Run:
  2. What's New:
  3. Getting Started:
  4. 100% Organic: - as time permits
  5. Tips & Tricks: - as time permits
  6. Security: - as time permits
  7. Customization: - as time permits
  8. Community (Many Faces): - as time permits
  9. About: - as time permits
  10. Phishing Protection: - as time permits
  11. One-click site ID: - as time permits

How to substitute:

1. Take the en-US locale URL, and prepend it with the locale, like so:


2. Make sure to add the locale after .com:

3. Final URL:

Reporting / Bug Tracking

Tracking bug - bug 433721

KNOWN ISSUES (no need to report):

  • Download button is vertically cropped - bug 430757
  • Missing "Privacy Policy" and "Legal Notices" links
  • Too much vertical padding in the footer
  • Browser-vulnerabilities security chart - bug 430604
  • "Tips & Tricks" page layout broken - bug 436220

When a page passes

How to file a bug

  • File a bug on, and cc pascal
    • Be sure to add 'webdashboard' to the whiteboard
    • NOTE: one bug /per locale/--not /per page/
    • Mark its cell red


List of Locales

Tier 1 (to get us started):

P1 English (en-US) - already completed/passed
P1 English (en-GB) - bug 432080
P1 Chinese (zh-CN) - bug 432548
P1 French (fr) - bug 432542; Pascal has this; thanks, Pascal!
P1 German (de) - bug 432544
P1 Japanese (ja) Not yet ready for testing -- see bug 432567
P1 Polish (pl) - bug 432079
P1 Spanish (es-ES) - bug 432078

Page-localization status: