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This is a rollup of testing results that were performed on the Alpha 4 release by the Mozilla QA team and the QA community.

Build tested

  • We tested the RC2 build that was located in the ftp directory.

Cross Platform issues seen

  • Text under icon in about dialog missing on all platforms

marcia's results

  • Full smoketest on Intel Mac
    • Talkback Build ID: 2007042705, Platform: Mac (Intel), Operating System: Mac OS 10.4.9
    • Issues Noted during the course of testing:
      • Unable to print any documents from build. juanb noted a crash during printing. I was attempting to print the versign page. I was later able to generate a 100% reproducible crash trying to print the home page. Added comments to
      • Unable to drag any icons to the toolbar, or drag any icons back to the customize toolbar dialog-> is on file was this.
      • In the about: dialog, only the Gran Paradiso icon shows. In previous build we always show the icon with text underneath it. This is a cross platform issue.
      • During popup testing, when I closed a tab that was running the popuptests the set of popups launched again. This was not expected on a tab close.
      • Installing the MyFirefox theme caused an error on restart and I could not restart the browser. The Error message was: "Error launching browser window: no XBL binding for browser."
      • The MyFirefox theme is misusing the Firefox logo. I notified Catherine Brady via email.
      • With an existing profile, I saw blank listings in the History Menu item list (From File|Menu)

tomcat's results

  • Install Build RC1 / First Release Builds had wrong Build ID (pre-Version) - Files were pulled from release directory and Respin - Bug 379004
  • 404 on default Homepage Bug 364332
  • Done a lot of smoketests on Vista/linux/Windows XP/2000 for 1.9a4

aleksej's results

juanb's results

  • Mac Intel 10.4.9
    • Grandparadiso crashes right after I click OK to print a page from the Page in question had an area with embedded video, Flash(?).