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Note: please see the Beta 4 Release Notes; any of those issues which still exist will also be included in the Beta 5 release notes and do not need to be listed here.

✓ means the relnote was included ✗ means the relnote was intentionally not included

Proposed relnote items for beta 5

Bug / Include? OS Description / suggested relnote / rationale
bug # os suggested relnote text
bug 425585 Mac Saving a web page as PDF or Postscript will cause Firefox to crash the next time it is closed.
bug 411831 Linux Incompatibilities between NVIDIA drivers and some versions of the X server cause scaled images to render incorrectly.
bug 420187 all Firefox occasionally hangs if a user quits immediately after restoring a session with SSL connections.
bug 422308 all If Flash content is active when Firefox crashes, the Crash Reporter will sometimes not activate.
bug 423226 all Installing Firefox 2 in the same directory in which Firefox 3 has been installed may result in Firefox 2 being unstable.
bug 423060 all When a default feed reading application has been set, adding new feeds will sometimes not work.
bug 424923 all Support for Cross-Site XmlHttpRequest has been removed until the specification becomes more stable and the security model is improved.
bug 424958 all Bookmark backups will not work if any folder contains a " character.
bug 425338 all Hovering over mixed LTR and RTL content can cause the text to flash erratically.
bug 426275 all Deleting an entry from the history sidebar, then invoking the Clear Private Data tool can result Firefox crashing.
bug 426380 OSX Customizing toolbars will only work once per session.