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Tracking Page of Results for the Firefox 3 Beta 1 Testdays

Testday 14. December 2007

Testday Moderators and Community

  • QA Team Marcia, Tracy, Tchung, Ctalbert, Stephend, Coop, Tomcat, Juanb and many more
  • Developer/other MoCo Folks: Mossop, Beltzner, Shaver

Many thanks to everyone that made this testday so successful !

We had anytime over 30 testers in the testday channel and a lot of new folks. The Testday report show results from 28 Community Testers.

Mostly new Folks, interested in testing Firefox 3 Beta 2 and the new Features.

Testday Results (from 7am till 5pm)

The Testday Report can also be found here: The testday report also including the litmus admins is here :


  • Platform # Results
  • Windows 355
  • Mac (Intel) 98
  • Linux 66

Over 500 (519) ! Testcases run by Community Members

Breakdown by locales

  • Locale # Results
  • en-US 312
  • de 103
  • de-DE 57
  • pl 32
  • es-AR 5
  • ko 5
  • es-ES 2

over 200 tests runs for locales !

Breakdown by result status

Result Status # Results

  • Pass 480
  • Test unclear/broken 8
  • Fail 31

Note: This 31 failed results are not all bugs. Some are known bugs and some are unclear testcases or tests that no longer work on Firefox 3 Beta 1 because of feature changes. QA is investigating the failed and unclear results to make Litmus better.

So far the fail results seems to be known bugs or normal/minor bugs. No critical bug found on this testday.

L10n Breakdown

in general :

  • de 103
  • de-DE 57
  • pl 32
  • es-AR 5
  • ko 5
  • es-ES 2

(note de and de-De is the same, there is Bug 403488 on file to remove the "double locales").

Testresults for de here 4 failed results. The 2 Failed Results for the SSL Feature is a known bug 387524, the failed Acid 2 Test is not reproducible (looks good for me) and the uninstall failed testcase is currently discussed in mozillazine forum.

Testresults for de-DE here.

Testresults for pl here. No failed result

Testresults for es-AR here - no failed result

Testresults for ko here no failed result

Testresults for it here. One failed result, but seems no fail. You need to install this plugin via manual install. Thats expected.

Testresults for es-ES es-ES - no failed result