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L10N Spotcheck Results

The following are results from L10N spotchecks on Firefox 3 Beta 1. Please see the L10n Requirements for more details.

Locale/Status Download/Install Search Plugin Google Search Order Google, Yahoo! First run URL Start page URL Bookmarks localized in product pages RSS Sample eg. BBC news
en-GB (Tracy-XP) Not Available, localizer not ready n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
fr (Tracy-XP) pass Google Google, Yahoo 'PASS
pl (Tracy-XP) PASS pass Google Google, Allegro 'PASS
de (Tracy-XP) PASS pass Google Google, Yahoo PASS
ja (Tchung-Mac) pass Google Google, Yahoo! Japan pass Asahi
es-ES (Tchung-Mac) pass Google Google, Yahoo pass