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Testing Methodology

I am running many parts of the FFT, but focusing my efforts on the OS integration touch points and the areas that are more likely to break in Leopard. One example of an area that I skipped was Top Site Testing, since that is covered by someone else in the team in depth.

Here are some areas which got extra attention during the FFT:

  • Password manager
  • Download manager
  • Plugins
  • Default Browser

Here are some of the things I did that were standard:

  • If it was broken on Leopard, I immediately checked Tiger to see if it was broken there too.
  • Mac 10.5.1 update was pushed out on Thursday, 11-15-07 in the afternoon. I updated my machine at that time.

Leopard and Mac bugs seen during testing

  • 402965 History Information periodically disappears from History Sidebar
  • 403532 Quicktime plug in content bleeds through adjacent tabs
  • 403557 Unable to add a new toolbar on PPC Mac
  • 402798 Bookmarks top level is missing its flyout menus
  • 403671 Importing a certificate after setting a Master Password confuses Firefox
  • 403933 [Mac] Search resizer doesn't work if toolbar icon is in between URL bar and search bar
  • 403928 Unable to type in location bar after adding an icon to the toolbar
  • 403991 RSS feed icon is tilted in dropdown list
  • 403996 Clear Private Data box moves up and down when checking/unchecking boxes
  • 404114 Periodically getting Can't access full e-mail - HTML only Gmail errors

Non-Mac bugs filed:

  • 403697 Print to file operation crashes the browser

Issues to Release Note

  • 401425 Enter key sometimes handled twice. If you try to add a new folder to the bookmarks folder and hit enter, you end up with two folders.

Bugs that bother me

  • 393870 unable to sort by tags in the bookmark organizer. Bothers me because you can sort every other column but that one.

Safari issues I noticed

  • Safari doesn't list the correct number of unread gmail messages when you are in a tab. Firefox does.

Issues that need followup

  • Content Handling Several of the content handling test cases failed in Leopard. I asked ctalbert to follow up regarding whether the test cases were up to date. tomcat advises that they passed in Vista. tchung needs to report back when he runs them to see if we see the same issues on Tiger and Leopard.
  • Cookies. The cookies test cases were crafted by me back in the 2.0.0.x days. There are several state based issues and some changes in Firefox 3 that will necessitate changes in the test cases. For example, if you save and quit, when you launch the browser again your cookies are still there.

Litmus Areas Not fully completed

  • Microsummaries
  • Download Manager