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Bug Candidates for Triage

DISCLAIMER: This list here is still a working list that i'm editing. The remaining list here by the triage meeting will be Rc2 candidates to be discussed at the meeting.

If the following bugs are strong candidates for building a RC2, please set the following in bugzilla:

  • set whiteboard to "[RC2?]"
  • nominate the blocking-firefox3 or blocking1.9 flag
  • or... nominate the wanted 1.9.0.x flag
Priority 1 for RC2 respin
  • [RC2+]bug 433340 – bookmark dialog covers candidate window when using IME. Status: recommended for RC2 with patch in place.
  • [RC2+][has patch][has review] bug 421482 - – Firefox 3 uses fsync excessively. This was discussed at the Tuesday meeting and is a decent perf win if we can get this in. It tends to make the UI unusable when the user hits this state, so it should be considered for an RC2.
Should Be added with the respin
  • [RC2+]Renom'd bug 433298 EULA cut off checkbox/buttons on bottom - unusable on small (EeePC) screens for blocking-firefox3. Linux users in this mode have a minimal way to move forward with the installer. Status: patch ready.
  • [RC2+]bug 435047 – Consistent Crash in nsHTMLReflowState::GetNearestContainingBlock when visiting site. depends on bug 398332 We want this for RC2. Highly visited site.
  • [RC2+]bug 433525 - crash [@ nsNavHistoryQueryResultNode::IsContainersQuery()]. Number 1 topcrash, is a recent regression which we should probably respin for. The bug has a patch ready to go. We want this for RC2.
  • [RC2?]bug 434401 – crash [@ gfxWindowsFont::GetOrMakeFont(FontEntry*, gfxFontStyle const*)]. that may be happening in thebes or layout. dbaron believes thebes. Needs a developer, comments in stack aren't helpful. This is a crash on startup. We want to nominate for RC2.
  • [RC2?][has-patch,has-review]bug 432970 - Shutdown() of nsXULTooltipAccessible is not called. Affects Linux only, but can cause accessible tree corruption because tooltip accessibles from tabs that are already closed may still be around and accidentally accessed by the Orca screen reader. Again not a blocker, but a good candidate to tag along. (Per #c11, 2 related crashes) We want this in RC2. Patch should be low risk.
  • [RC2?][has-patch,has-review]bug 434002 - event show isn't fired for treecol accessible. This is an embarrassing oversight from review of fix for bug 413777. It basically means that event_show is never ever called for any accessible even if it needs to be. The most obvious use case we found isn't in Firefox but Thunderbird, when column (See #c6) We want this for RC2.
  • [RC2?][has-patch,has-review]bug 432467 - firefox segfaults in plone kupu editor [@ nsDocAccessible::FlushPendingEvents]. This is a crasher reported by the RedHat folks that indicates a race condition between two things trying to release the same accessible. See comment #4 for the description. Assessment of risk is also in the bug. I wouldn't respin for this, but if it could tag along if RC2 is being done anyway, that would be very good I think. This can happen with other ajax-enabled stuff as well. (Has patch, has review)
  • [RC2?][has-patch,has-review]bug 432869 - Divide by zero in IsProbablyForLayout(). This came up while triaging crash-stats. It is a simple check for certain types of layout tables to make sure we never divide by zero. Was probably missed during review of another bug's patch. Again, for safety reasons, it would be good to have this, but not blocking the release if 3.0.1 is only 4 to 6 weeks away after that. headers of the message trees change when switching from folder to folder. But this can happen to any extension suing tree tables in Firefox and replacing one view with another and changing column headers, and it can happen to some types of Ajax-empowered web sites, leading to accessible tree corruptions. Again not a blocker per se, but again a good candidate to ride along on an RC2 build. Low risk, if we respin RC2, we should take this.
Webdev or External
  • [RC2?]bug 419928 – Add "InstallerLocation" for Java in PFS. PFS is broken on production, stuck in infinite loop. Webdev fix by adding a manual install option.
  • [RC2?]bug 433592 – PFS shouldn't offer Flash .xpi for Firefox 3 on Vista or Linux. Same issue as bug 419928, need a manual install option on PFS. Lots of complaints in hendrix on this.
  • [RC2?]bug 416396 - We keep getting pinged on this craziness of flash stating that it installs when it doesn't. I realize we are waiting on Adobe for this and we can't gate FFx 3 on adobe's time frame, but is there really nothing we can do? This should be the very first relnote on the release notes page if we do have to ship with this completely broken.

Minor bugs worth noting for a 3.0.x

  • bug 434403 – startup crash [@ nsDocShell::SetupNewViewer(nsIContentViewer*)]. recent regression. While we saw this crash in beta 5 (presumably from upgrading from beta 4), it's much greater this release and happens at a different address. If timeless is right in that bug, it's a pretty easy fix. but we'd need to test with a round of RC1 -> RC2, to confirm its been fixed. We have no patch, and QA cannot reproduce. Moving it out.
  • bug 434749 - DnD is broken in the Library for (he) locale - plussed for 3.0.1 or rc2. a+ = schrep for 3.0.1 or RC2 please land on cvs trunk. Doesnt block a critical operation. user can still move tabs around.
  • bug 434624 - safebrowsing file not updated on first launch. Safebrowsing doesn't get updated, until you quit and start the browser after the very first launch. File actually does grow, but the OS just doesnt show it until restart.
  • bug 430442 - undo (ubuntu) sometimes results in data loss - not reliably reproducible; minused. marco bernardo is investigating. Highly risk area of fix.
  • bug 432599 - Sounds like the feature is a little bit backwards. should be a small fix. Not blocking RC2.
  • bug 434837 - sounds like something we really cannot ship with? What does Bc say?. Comments from brenden and shaver says its not worth it.
  • bug 433672 – Binary operations not evaluating operands in correct order. Not taking for RC2
  • bug 324334 - Cannot switch to Error Console in the "Window" menu. Per c#8, it only affects error console and the Software Update window.
  • bug 433942 – Focus lost when going "Back" a page after dismissing a notification bar. This seems to be an edge case on mac and linux. Exists since beta 5, and relnoted.
  • bug 435439 – Bookmarks lost after Update to Firefox 3 RC1. Tracking bug for all the reported lost bookmark issues from feedback in mozillazine and hendrix. No concrete data yet listed.
  • bug 323555 - Inability to drag images to image editors. It's been around a while, but we should really get this done. It's silly that we can't do something this simple (that's how users see the problem, which is why it is bad UX).