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Firefox 9 Test Plan


Milestone Firefox 9
Status Currently in Nightly -- merging to Aurora on August 16th, 2011
Lead Anthony Hughes (irc: ashughes)
2nd Juan Becerra (irc: juanb)

Latest Build: ftp, http, web

The following is the test plan for Firefox 9 from Nightly through to Release. Use this document as a reference for what is being tested to validate the quality of Firefox 9. After the release this document will be used as an archive of what was done to validate this release.

If you have some free time, please pick a task below and get in touch with one of the leads.


Task Owner Status Frequency
Check dashboards for new failures
Softvision [ON TRACK] 2011-08-xx DAILY
Bug Triage
Check Bugzilla for regressions
Softvision [ON TRACK] 2011-08-xx DAILY
Feature Sign-off
Final sign-off of features
various [ON TRACK] 2011-08-xx ONCE
Merge Sign-off
Merge from Nightly to Aurora
ashughes Due 2011-0x-xx ONCE
Merge Sign-off
Merge from Aurora to Beta
ashughes Due 2011-0x-xx ONCE


Summary Triage the Mozmill dashboard for test failures and debug for potential Firefox regressions.
Status NEW (8), ASSIGNED (6), FIXED (3), REGRESSIONS (0) -- last updated 2011-08-01
Lead Vlad Maniac (Softvision)
2nd Alex Lakatos (Softvision)
  • Check the Mozmill dashboard for failing tests for the day
  • Cross reference any failure to the list of NEW and ASSIGNED bugs
    • If the bug is NEW, assign it to yourself and try to fix it
    • If the bug is ASSIGNED and there has been no activity on the bug in over a week, offer your assistance to fix the bug
    • If there is NO bug on file, file it using this template
  • If you need assistance, ask ashughes in the #mozmill channel

Bug Triage

Summary Check UNCONFIRMED, NEW, FIXED, REOPEN, and tracking/status bugs
Status Triage on-going, (2011-xx-xx)
Owner Softvision
Bugs (As of 2011-08-03: Please update links) UNCONFIRMED, FIXED, TRACKING/STATUS, Waverley UNCONFIRMED Spreadsheet, Waverley FIXED Spreadsheet
Important Bugs Not Captured Elsewhere


Track features which have landed in Firefox 7 and are ready to be tested. Check the Flight Tracking page for more information on feature readiness.

Sharing textures cross-process for Electrolysis

Owners DEV: Chris Jones, QA: George Carstoiu
Links Feature Page, Tracking Bug

Aurora Merge Sign-off

Task Owner Status
Automated BFTs TBD
Smoketests Softvision TBD
Feature Spotchecks Softvision TBD
Bug Verifications Softvision TBD
Updates TBD

Builds: (Firefox 9.0a2)
Litmus Testrun:

Automated BFTs

Platform Functional Restartresult Result
Windows 2000 report report result
Windows XP report report result
Windows Vista report report result
Windows 7 report report result
Windows 7 64-bit report report result
Mac OS X 10.6 report report result
Mac OS X 10.7 report report result
Ubuntu 11.04 report report result
Ubuntu 11.04 report report result
Issues Found


Platform Tester Result
Windows 2000 Simona result
Windows XP AndreiD result
Windows Vista Simona result
Windows 7 VladG result
Windows 7 64-bit AndreiD result
Mac OS X 10.6 VladG result
Ubuntu 10.10 George result
Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit George result

Litmus: testrun, report, builds

Issues Found

Feature Spotchecks

Feature Tester Result
Sharing textures cross-process for Electrolysis
Issues Found

Bug Verifications

Issues Found


Platform Builds Auroratest Aurora
Windows XP Firefox/8.0a2 -> Firefox/9.0a2 result result
Windows 7 result result
Mac OS X 10.6 result result
Mac OS X 10.7 result result
Ubuntu 11.04 result result
Issues Found