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Feature Ownership & Status


Dev Lead: François Marier

QA : Matt Wobensmith, :mwobensmith on IRC


[LANDED] Exists as of Firefox 34: disabled by default



Websites need to be able to deliver and monetize the content they create. Users want more protection from online tracking. Tracking Protection is a new platform-level technology that blocks HTTP loads at the network level. Coupled with a user-declared opt-out, such as Do Not Track, we will explore various paths that can provide users with more safety while allowing websites to reliably deliver ads that meet or exceed consumer's tracking preferences.


The current blocklist is powered by Disconnect. Tracking Protection's blocklist model and pattern matching was already proven in Safe Browsing. Tracking Protection differs from third-party cookie management and fingerprinting blocking in that Tracking Protection blocks all loads from suspected domains. The idea is "don't talk to domains you don't trust". For details on the UX experience of this feature please check this mock-up .

Enabling the component

To enable TP in Private Browsing, set the following pref:

  • privacy.trackingprotection.pbmode.enabled set to true


Test Cases


  • [IN PROGRESS] End-to-end smoke
    • Feature is enabled by default in private browsing mode
    • Tour and instructions appear for feature
    • Feature is NOT enabled in normal browsing mode
  • E10S on/off


Complete all tests with both old and new (fresh) profile

  • With normal browsing:
    • View URL with tracking elements and verify not blocked
  • With private browsing:
    • View URL with tracking elements and verify blocked
    • Add exception for page
    • Reblock page
    • Add exception for page again
    • Return to normal browsing and verify page NOT blocked
  • With private browsing:
    • Verify UI tour appears on first launch, does not appear on subsequent launches
    • Verify tour functionality
  • Preferences
    • Turn on/off
    • List providers
  • Cases
    • Tracked asset
    • Tracked asset and active mixed content
    • Tracked asset and passive mixed content
    • Tracked asset and both active/passive mixed content
    • Add exception for page, navigate to different page with same tracker
    • Tracked asset in iframe
    • Page with multiple tracked assets
  • Opening private browsing
    • File > New private window
    • Keyboard shortcut
  • Scenarios
    • Same page in both private/non-private windows
    • Multiple tabs
    • Interaction with AdBlockPlus, Disconnect, other add-ons
    • Disable safe browsing, verify tracking protection is still enabled
  • Shavar/digest256 client
    • List management
    • Add/remove entries
    • Stale list
    • Bad network: no connection, stalling server
    • HTTP error codes
    • Large lists
    • Error/boundary values for update interval, byte size, etc.
    • Blocking Mozilla properties does not break Firefox
  • Community
    • One and Done task
  • Misc
    • about:privatebrowsing



  • n/a

Sign off


  • All the test cases were executed.
  • All the blocker, critical, major bugs have been fixed.