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Wed October 30, 2013

 # Every Weds @ 1:30p Pacific Time - Mozilla HQ, Warp Core 
 # Vidyo:
 # Phone:  +1 650 903 0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 9245 (US/INTL)
 #         +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 9245 (US Toll Free)
 #         +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 9245 (Canada)
 # IRC:    irc://
QA Org Items

    QA Show and Tell

    This week: Desktop QA (Marc S) - WebAudio API

    Epic Citadel -

    Goo Labs and

    Web Audio Blog Post :

    Next week: Services QA team - pdehaan: Node.js and Grunt!

    New Hires & Interviews 

    Intern candidates for Mobile QA

    Still working through Web QA intern candidates - closing in (week or two)

    FxOS QA Engineer -

    Services - 2 phone screens

    Upcoming Events/Conferences 

    [jammink] NoBackend talk at QConSF, November 11

    [nhirata/jsmith/jammink] System Front End Work Week 11/4 ~ 11/8



    [nhirata] Want to call out a thanks to SUMO contributor feer56 for b2g contributions in reporting bugs (based on geeksphone device)

    Bugs reported :

    Note: there are other contributers that do help out in SUMO and I think it's a source that we may want to consider helping out with just as Firefox for Android does. 

Travel / PTO

    TRIBES training:

    [juanb] SF October 29,30

    [marcia] Tribes Training in SF: October 29-30

    [kthiessen] Also at TRIBES SF, 29-30 Oct.

    [retornam] Tribes Training in SF: October 29-30

    [nhirata] November 13-14 Tribes

    [jammink] December 10th-? Tribes

    [mwobensmith] Flying on a plane 10/30, back in office 10/31

    [ashughes] Upcoming PTO: Nov 16-30, 2013

    [tchung] taipei : Nov 11-15 

    [Henrik] Nov 1, Nov 12-13, 15

    [dclarke] Nov 1: Birthday PTO

QA Team Updates
Desktop (Juan Anthony)


    Firefox 25 released yesterday after multiple respins, currently throttled at 10%

    Firefox 26b1 currently being tested, to be shipped tomorrow

    Click-to-Play enabled by default, if you find an issue with a site/plugin or CTP UX please report it here ->

    Windows Vista+ now uses WMF instead of DirectShow for MP3 playback

    Session Restore has a new IID -- keep your eye out for regressions

    Firefox 27.0a2 updates to be enabled on Friday


    ESR (mwobensmith) 

    17.0.10esr shipped successfully

    24.1.0esr shipped successfully

    Issue regarding untranslated strings (bug #932310); we shipped anyway and will release-note it, reevaluate if it becomes a big issue


    Stability (tracy) 

    Weekly stability team meeting notes:

    bitguard.dll malware remains one of our top issues


    Automation (ashughes)


    Security (mwobensmith)



     mwobensmith attended MozFest

Mobile (Tony) 

    Firefox for Android (Kevin/Aaron) 

    Testday for 26b1 new about:home

    25 out the door

    26 just about the door

    Stability (kbrosnan) 

    Watching 25 and 26 crashes

    B2G (Geo/jhammink) 

    [nhirata] Be sure to use 1.2 ; not aurora until further notice

    newly merged branch: mozilla-b2g26

    [jhammink] - Burirun3 in progress:  

    1216 passed, 77 failed, 1 blocked, 108 invalid / 4241 cases total.  Coverage is at 36% 

    The Bugs so far: (new and reopened: 55) (resolved fixed, verified fixed since testrun began: 3)

    Stability (nhirata)

    more testing/data is needed now that we have the switch over

    need to make sure top crashes are assigned

    [jsmith & jhammink] - Active SIM customization testing for 1.2 ongoing

    [jsmith] - Exploratory testing recent 1.2 packaged app regressions

    Systems FE Workweek in SF next week.

    155 blocker bugs, currently

    Community Members Onboarding


Services (Edwin) 


    Trains going out - fix for IE11


    API Server - jbo

    Content Server - pdehaan

    B2G - edwong

     The newest, newest, newest wiki - the WIKI TO END ALL WIKIS:

     Unofficial architecture from ops/qa perspective

    Add-ons Registration

     First couple of meetings with Alexis. Test planning is in progress... 


    considering load testing


    2 onboarding

Web (Stephen)

    B2G/Gaia testing: 

    Caught some issues around RIL and SIM handling last week and were able to give early warning to Manual QA team

    Naoki and Stephen worked on device stability more betterer

    1 new test: test_keyboard_predictive test. 2 more new tests in the pull queue, a few more in the queue being worked on by contributors

    3 new contributors, kyr0, KaranS, qba73 (who's just getting started)

    and hopefully soon "fsc" (need to get contact info from them)

    Jgriffin developed a "fail-if" syntax for us to run all tests all the time, simplifies reporting a bit

    Looks like we found a potential Wi-Fi optimization/edge-case:

    v1.2 test branch still lagging behind a bit, but:

    pull pending review to re-add 5 tests:



    release going out the 11th:


    Engagement Projects 

    Reps released new /Events features

    Newsletter released Marketplace integration with Exact Target

    Careers released new UI; looks great!


    Firefox Marketplace 

     Weekly release was shipped on 10/29 

    Shipped CTA (call to action) for Firefox OS availability in Uruguay + Peru - another country going live today



    Mozillians pushed the weekly release



    testday in the works (Etherpad:, will schedule), to bring automation coverage up-to-speed with the new redesign (and cover additional functionality):



    small release, 65, going out tomorrow at 2:30pm:


    Community Members Onboarding

    (See above under B2G)

Community (Marcia - Parul this week)


    Badges: working with Emily Goligoski of Open Badges / Mozilla Foundation to enable the QA team to award the General QA Participation Badge to contributors. 

    Need to fill out this sheet

    Use an issuing service that makes it possible to create the digital badges and have contributors claim them. For example,

    The team at can handle our questions and help us get setup.

    One and Done

    Draft blog post calling for community participation circulated among the QA team members - any feedback?

    Wiki for Version 1 Milestone 1 has been set up

    Past Events

    Mozilla Festival

    Bebe and Zac gave an interactive session on Firefox UI automated testing at MozFest, 7 participants who stayed until the end


    Upcoming Events 



    Testdays (ashughes)

    Firefox for Android testday this Friday ->

    Bob Silverberg is getting scheduled


    Video Work

    No update this week (Stephen/Craig Cook, this week)

    Planet Mozilla policy update, re: incorporating feed(s) from QMO:

    "QMO is already on Planet Projects ( We don't add project-type blogs to normal planet anymore."

    shipped the Akismet anti-spam plugin

    Upgraded 2 others

    preparing to test the Persona WordPress plugin on dev:


    Community Members Onboarding


Automation Development (Henrik, Dave)   






    Big refactoring upcoming for application specific tests (patch ~1.7MB!!)


    Mozmill 2.0.1 to come most likely early next week

    Restart problem is fixed now by forcing Firefox to quit on restart

    AddonManager of mozprofile is kinda broken and gets a couple of updates

    Mozmill CI

    Crashes on Windows 8.1 64bit have been fixed by spoofing the cpuid for the VM

    As of today we run update tests for betatest and releasetest each in about 25min (245 tests) !!!

    Dave hacked on a Mozmill CI configuration generator during MozFest

    Eideticker CI reporting results to people account


    MozTrap (Cameron)



    Community Members Onboarding 


Roundtable/Discussion Items  

    Moz QA branded sim holders for swag - mentioned today in qa-b2g email list


    Ctalbert wants to meet with you, yes you. :-)

    Nov. 20 staff meeting *canceled* (feel free to post read only updates to the etherpad, if you have the time). But, everyone strongly encouraged to go to the interview training meeting instead for that hour.

    Proposal for stop-gap streamlining of emails into qa-contribute: make a "montage" for us along the lines of: but much much simpler to direct incoming contributors to actionable things to do and mentors.

    [jsmith] Announcing the new org changes - because I don't think anyone else knows about it

    [jsmith] Rethinking QA Staff Meeting - More Roundtable, Less Status

    One idea - 3 minutes per team for status (similar to what happens in the Platform Meeting), rest of time for roundtable

    ++++++++ (ctalbert) :-)

    What's our meeting  goal? What are the desired outcomes? [edwong]

    Who is supposed to be writing down action items is that me (ctalbert), if so...we're in trouble.

    Don't think anyone has the set responsibility. Marcia has often done it. We could rotate it around or get a volunteer at meeting beginning [geo]

    I vote volunteer -- I'd certainly step up if asked/needed - stephend

    I vote stephend

    I vote stephend [anon]

    I vote stephend  but not that stephend

    In the spirit of community, this should be a stephend group effort.

    No, only stephend

Notes, Takeaways and Action Items    






    Action Items

    Clint to send out notice about cancelling the staff meeting on November 20th, in lieu of the interview-training session that day -- same time

    Clint to setup one on one meetings with each member of QA

    Each team to drive coming up with a list of the "perfect" contributor

    send to

    Put the roundtable at the top of the meeting's template

    keep notices, show-n-tell, etc. (non-status updates) at the top

    jsmith - Done

    Last Meeting 

    Action Items 

Template for this document is here: