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Wed November 6, 2013

 # Every Weds @ 1:30p Pacific Time - Mozilla HQ, Warp Core 
 # Vidyo:
 # Phone:  +1 650 903 0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 9245 (US/INTL)
 #         +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 9245 (US Toll Free)
 #         +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 9245 (Canada)
 # IRC:    irc://
QA Org Items

    QA Show and Tell -

    This week: Services/Peter deHaan -- Introduction to Express and Grunt (and the wonderful world of Node.js/JavaScript): (gruntfile copyright checker -

    Next week: WebQA

    New Hires & Interviews 

     Web QA should be closing in on our 2014 intern candidates by end of week/early next week

    Upcoming Events/Conferences 

    Jammink presenting NoBackend at QConSF (11/11)

    Systems FE workweek this week - SF



    Reminder:  Per ctalbert's email the November 20th QA team meeting is cancelled, but everyone is encouraged to attend the interview training. Feel free to add read-only items to the etherpad.

Travel / PTO

    TRIBE training:

    [nhirata] November 13-14 Tribe

    [retornam] November 13-14

    [kthiessen] Nov 13-14

    [jammink] December 10th-? Tribe

    [ashughes] PTO Nov 16 to Dec 1

    [tchung] taipei : Nov 11-15 

    [Henrik] Nov 12-13, 15

    [jsmith, nhirata, jammink] System FE Work Week - Nov 4 - Nov 8

    [mbrandt] PTO Dec 7th - Jan 1. Argentina, climbing a mountain (just a heads up)

    [lizzard] PTO Nov 7-8, Dec. 10 (Tribe)

Roundtable/Discussion Items  

    [ctalbert] New format - doing the round table before status updates.

    It was suggested last week by jsmith, so we're going to try it out and see if we like it for a couple of weeks.

    The idea is to prioritize things we need discussion on over status. We also talked about bolding items in status you feel are super important (or putting those in the notices and making most of the status read-only).

    Feedback welcome (to either qa-staff or dev-quality and we will continue to iterate).

    [ctalbert] Follow up from last time - each team was going to come up with the aspects of a perfect contributor in their area - that didn't seem to happen.

    could come up with something like this:

    kthiessen is starting on an effort to categorize contributors at under rhe section 'Basic Community Testing Contributor types' -- please feel free to contribute types or feedback.

    Desktop QA is beginning to work from which is based on the higher level definition for community. That leads to (WIP)

    [marcia] has no reference relating to getting involved in Firefox OS - should we add a section and point them to desktop builds, the Firefox Simulator add on - or other automation opportunities?

QA Team Updates
Desktop (Juan)


    Heads up: Possible merge Fx branch to trunk for Australis (fx28)

    ssl_error_rx_record_too_long issue turned out to be limited to users. It's being tracked in bug 935394 as a tech evang issue.


    ESR (mwobensmith) 



    Stability (marcia) 

    Desktop: This weeks's report:

    We now have MetroFirefox in the dashboard


    Automation (ashughes)

     no update this week

    Security (mwobensmith)

    Working with Shumway to determine impact




Mobile (Tony) 

    Firefox for Android (Kevin/Aaron) 

    26.0b2 shipped

    Fixed Android 4.4 crash on startup (25 is unaffected)

    Android 4.4 may have killed Flash support

    Stability (kbrosnan) 

    Crash rate is 1.6 per 100 ADU on 25 release

    Crash rate is 3.0 per 100 ADU on 26 release

    B2G (Geo/jhammink) 

    Thorough update in QA section of

    1.2 - Wrapping up testrun 3 today, starting part 2 of l10n testrun tomorrow

    bugcount still relatively high, around 87 koi+ (down from 192 last week)

    System Front End Work Week this week.

    Stability (nhirata)

    waiting for 1.2 OEM build for Buri/Hamachi : ETA next week

    currently testing 1.1 11/04 build for buri; seems stable, testing should finish today

    Asked for Leo 1.2; need to wait for official response for 1.2 for Leo

    Asked for ZTE 1.2; haven't heard anything.

    Working w/ releng to get helix 1.1 HD new blobs working

    [jammink] Burirun3 almost complete!  Need help with 'other" testcases:

    many regressions on cost control - if we can get a regression range on these, we can back out the patch

    [jammink] hacking on Marionette again, got one test working! :P

    [jsmith & jammink] More SIM customization testing + System FE Work Week

    [jsmith] Scope of Media Recording 1.3 plan established

    [jsmith] Exploratory testing around packaged app regressions + lockscreen notifications

    [martijn] Bug 871323 - Fix and enable offline cache mochitests for B2G, patch underway. First part should land this week. 

    Payments API [dclarke] and TCP Socket API [geo] tests are under  construction for API compatibility test suite. PoC of Payments API tests  against test server and client-side TCP tests due to land this week.

    [geo] Figuring out next steps to involve developers in maintaining mochitests.

    [geo] A lot of talk around community, how we can use One and Done (first version due in this quarter), and how to better involve the community from a test perspective.

    [marcia] Media team working on a Work Week sometime in January and February

    Community Members Onboarding


Services (Edwin) 



    FxA - 3 subgroups: API server (jbo), Content server (pdehaan), B2G FTU (edwong)

    new IRC channel #fxa (FxA replaces the deprecated #picl)

    There is still #sync, #androidsync, #identity, and now #native_identity for FFos work

    Client work continues across the 3 platforms: desktop, Android, FFos

    Discussions are happening around FxA support in some/more/all Mozilla properties and also generalized support from other browsers (as access points)

    OPs has begun arch and process work for Stage and Load deployments/environments

    FxOS - first time unboxing(FTU) - planning on landing for 1.3 release


    v0.4.0 is out the door and being actively used in the community and directly for FxA


    Work continues to make updates to support the updated FxA API

    AddOns Registration

    Stage and Load test work is in the planning stage

    Where Is My Fox

    need to land any phone changes for 1.3

    JR is the dev


    3 on boarding this week - meeting with CaptCalliope about badges and community engagement

Web (Stephen)  


     No updates - q4 goals have not solidified


    B2G/Gaia testing: 

     v1.2 branch up and running again both in Travis and on Jenkins. Huge round of applause please to Bob Silverberg who put his whole weekend into pulling in commits from master/v1.3 so now the v1.2 test coverage is almost identical

    Mostly picking through some intermittent failures on Travis/device.

    4 New tests: geolocation prompt, crop gallery photo, context menu activation, switch to dialer from SMS thread

    New contributors: kyr0, Karan Singh, bitgeeky, return of stupchiy aka Chuck (Norris) old Selenium contributor now writing tests for Gaia


    Bouncer - Update  firefox-latest, firefox-stub, firefox-latest-euballot bouncer aliases  as a part of post-release builder (and same for beta) should go out on the 11th


    Engagement Projects 

    Created Web QA tasks for One&Done

    Initial Badges meeting


    Firefox Health Report

    No updates

    Firefox Marketplace 

     Weekly release [] went out 11/05 

     shipped weekly release



     Weekly release delayed by one week



     B Silverberg organizing a test day on November 15th:



     Milestone 65 slated to released - 2013-11-7

    features being released



     no updates


    Community Members Onboarding

    Working on contacting qba73 for next QMO contributor post

    talking with various folks and encouraging/pushing us to get Mozilla B2G builds up on

Community (Marcia)


    One and Done effort was kicked off with a call for community participation (Has 6 comments from community members. Thanks to the WebQA team for enabling comments and fending off spam.)

    Blog post cross-posted to Mozilla Creative team blog as well.

    Blog post text emailed on Mozilla Reps and Mozilla WebDev mailing lists.!msg/ group has 24 community members and 12 Mozilla staff members

    Stephen Donner, Byron Jones (A Team, :glob on IRC #ateam) and Clint Talbert have kickstarted the initiative to bring up an Amazon Web Server (AWS) instance to host the application.

    kthiessen would like to thank rbillings for her list of tasks for One and Done for mozwebqa, and request that the leaders of other teams get in touch about task lists per product/team.

    Checkpoint meeting scheduled for Friday at 2 PM in Warpcore. Everyone is welcome!

    QA Badges

    Emily from the Open Badges project noticed our Blog Post and sent her congratulations on getting our first badge out

    Designer of the community-chosen General QA Participation Badge, Ivana Catovic, has received the Very Splendid Package for her effort. (The Very Splendid Package includes a ladies navy t-shirt, a baseball cap, and a coffee mug in a drawstring tote.) (Thanks, Marcia, for arranging this!) 

    Have any of the teams started thinking about what team specific badges we might have?

    Looks like Web QA has

    yes, meeting on Friday to hopefully finalizing our first issuable badge

    2014 Community Goals

    Started an idea etherpad with community goals for next year:

    Some are around events but please add all ideas

     Grow Mozilla

    Discussion circulating around definition of a Mozillian:

    Community Building Meetup in December:


    Upcoming Events 

    Just announced:


    Testdays (ashughes)

    Friday, November 8, 2013: Firefox 26 Beta

    Friday, November 15, 2013: MDN Automation


    Video Work

    No update this week (Raymond)



    Community Members Onboarding


Automation Development (Henrik, Dave)   






    A lot of add-on related fixes have been landed recently for mozbase but not all are fixed yet to get Mozmill 2.0.1 released

    Released mozmill-automation for supporting other applications (mainly for metrofirefox)

    Mozmill CI

    Jenkins is still crashing with OOM problems ( )

    We have raised the memory of the master to 8GB now to have more room for investigations

    Soon we will land the monitor plugin on production to log various system information

    Support for project branches will land soon ( )

    Matrix-jobs are broken in Jenkins because their workspace is getting deleted randomly ( )

    We will change the get_mozmill-environment job back to a normal job


    MozTrap (Cameron)



    Community Members Onboarding 


Notes, Takeaways and Action Items    






    Action Items

    Clint to talk to people running Interview Training to see how they are planning for remotees to be involved.

    Tony to come up with landing page/flow on QMO for FxOS QA

    Raymond to contact Craig re: icons, etc. for FxOS


    Last Meeting 


    Action Items 

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