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  1. "Manage" basic functionality
    • Manage testcases
    • Manage test suites
    • Manage test runs
    • Manage test cycles
  2. Admin functions

Designs & Requirements



  • Dev: carljm, emeyer
  • QA: camd
  • etc.: aakashd


Status Step Owner ETA Actual
[DONE] Define Designs & Requirements aakashd 2/5 2/14
[ON TRACK] Code Freeze carljm/emeyer 3/22
[ON TRACK] QA complete camd 3/24
[ON TRACK] Go Live aakashd/carljm 3/25


Archive for Meeting Notes

Latest Work Done

Piece Person Description
Dev carljm
  • was at pycon
Dev emeyer
  • finished all .2 wireframes
QA camd
  • implementing testcases
  • implementing APIs for the results page (.3)
etc. aakashd
  • .2 wireframes completed
  • working on re-doing .3 wireframes

Next Steps

Piece Person Description Tentatively Due
Dev carljm
  1. feature-complete .2 by 24th
  1. 3/24
Dev emeyer
  1. work on design
  1. 3/22
QA camd
  1. finishing APIs for the results page
  1. 3/22
etc. aakashd
  1. finish .3 wireframes
  2. being to re-work .3 PRD and workflows
  1. 3/22
  2. 3/22


Bugs can be filed using this form

A list of open bugs can be found here

Exit Criteria

  • All bugs for this milestone either Resolved, or moved to a later milestone or release.
  • API test failures logged in Bugzilla.
  • Verify UI Features for this milestone as listed in the PRD.
    • No broken links on page. If there are, must be a bug specifying the milestone that link will be fixed.
    • Watch logs on server, ensuring no errors during testing