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The page may be difficult to navigate, and some information on its subject might be incomplete and/or evolving rapidly.
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Note this page is a work in progress, check back for more coherent notes


Creating a simple testcase

  • determine if the test case exists
    • search paradigm
  • when creating a testcase...
    • what data is needed?
      • product
      • title
      • steps
      • expected results
  • Kind of meta data for a test case
    • product
    • locale
    • branch
    • OS
    • bug ID(s)
    • tags (use this for the current subcomponents)
  • links to common documents for complicated instructions

testcase flow: testcase -> submission system

  • the submission system would allow the more complex UI.
  • general ideas
    • example testcases to show how to write a test case
    • example for search case
  • general search
    • able to search per product, search all product by default

Running Tests

  • Ability to hand people URL for specific test runs

People show up and want to run tests

  • Two types of people
    • "tell me what to do"
      • Prebuilt test runs that we create and what people to run
      • Descriptions of different runs
      • divide into "Area" and "recent runs" recent runs would include things like recent runs for test creations
    • "I want to do x"
      • Search box
        • search by runs, tags, and title, and it will show you the relevant results

Translating a Test Case

  • translation UI?

Duplicating a test case

  • writing a related testcase (perhaps copying over data from old test case)



  • build version
  • locale
  • link to testcase
  • timestamp
  • who ran it
  • Pass/fail/unclear
  • comments
  • found bugs
  • resultID/URL
  • vetting yes/no

need vetting workflow

test case fails workflow

  • make bug out of failed testcase