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Mozilla QA Meeting - Wednesday, November 25, 2015 @ 1:30pm PDT

# Every other Weds @ 1:30p Pacific Time - Mozilla HQ, Room: QA
# Vidyo:
# Phone:  +1 650 903 0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 99456 (US/INTL)
#         +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 99456 (US Toll Free)
#         +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 99456 (Canada)
# IRC:    irc://

Template available at:


  • Announcements:
    • Important company or team announcements
  • Kudos:
    • Thanks to Julien Vehent (ulfr), for his help with SSL certs and other security matters on the Services team's Jenkins
  • Events:
  • Deadlines:
Next Merge: October 23, 2023 Next Release: October 24, 2023
Central: 120 Aurora: 54 Beta: 119 Release: 118


Team Updates

  • Please limit to 2 to 3 items per team
  • Updates may include:
    • How are you tracking towards your goals?
    • What are you working on right now?
    • What are some challenges you're facing?
    • What are you planning for the future?
  • Each team is responsible for electing their own delegate (can be different each meeting or on-going)
  • Goal tracking
  • FxOS
    • Delegate:
    • Updates:
      • 2.5 release work is complete, testing uplifts to blocking bug fixes
      • The automation team is in a limbo for creating a new tests, as the whole Python Marionette test suite is planned to be replaced by Gij tests once the Gij on device setup is complete. Once this is done, JS would be the default choice for all device testing scripts.
  • Services
    • Delegate: kthiessen
    • Updates:
      • Please welcome Chris Hartjes to the Cloud Services QA team! (His surname is pronounced HAR-chiss.)
      • Cloud Services QA Intern Cynthia Anyango (from Nairobi, Kenya) will be starting on Mon 2015-12-07.
      • What we're working on: Cloud Services QA Jenkins instance now up and secured behind LDAP and VPN. (Why secured?)
  • Web
    • Delegate: stephend
    • Updates:
      • Re-engaging with the Mozillians team, and expecting to have a Testday for lots of new features, soon (next week)
      • Looking forward to Mozlando + 2016, where our early dev/build/test/deploy Pipeline work looks to help us all scale coverage, increase collaboration/communication (and help free us up to do a whole lot more, potentially)
        • We'll do a brownbag after Mozlando on it
      • Two new automation contributors: and (both from One and Done, I think?)
  • Platform
    • Delegate:
    • Updates:
  • Firefox
    • Delegate: RyanVM
    • Updates:
      • Working on bug triage and documenting best practices
      • Testing continues on Search backend refactoring (bug 1203167) and Push Notifications. Search nearing sign-off.
      • Starting work on a test plan for Tab Group Migration (bug 1221050).

Open Floor

  • have a question or topic you want to discuss?
  • welcome a new team or community member?
  • taking PTO?
  • Should we do the December 23rd QA meeting?
  • How is the new format?

Action Items

  • [stephend] - we should update this template to include a space for Action Items (putting them here, below, for now):
    • Action Item: Stephen to talk to Johnny Stenbeck about delegates from Platform team.
      • sorry; will have to carry this over for next time
    • Action: Maja will invite Liz Henry to speak at next meeting - done! she's in for Nov 25th
      • done!
    • Action: Stephen to add Emma Humphries (new Bugmaster) to this meeting's invite
      • done!