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Q4 Goals for QAE (draft 1)


  • Ones in bold are discussed as potential Goals
  • Ones in italics are possibly more decisions that need to be made or more subtle process improvements that don't lend themselves to major team goals and the associated focused effort. But I cold be wrong.

Build the Community

  • Build via product pages
  • Community in India
  • QMO Work Flow
  • Dev Day for QA
  • Active at OS Conferences

Test Environment

  • Virtual Machines for Community
    • Profiles for Community
  • VM's for MoCo - Vista home prem / ultimate
  • Profiles for MoCo
    • From community?
    • Focus on extensions?

Quality Targets

  • bring down UNCO bugs
  • Bug Verification
  • Code Coverage
  • Bug Management?
  • Bug escalation
  • Bugflow


  • Fully automate Eggplant Smoketests


  • Test Plans
  • Owner Signoff
  • Change sets - functionality changes
  • Using Project Management Tool
  • Project Prioritization


  • Career fairs
  • Identify Intern needs earlier - by February
  • Target SChools: Seneca, FIT
  • Better utilize interns / better focus