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Set up a new Buildbot Master

Starting with a fresh image of the linux ref platform, the following must be done to set up a new instance of a buildbot master.

Clone Buildbotcustom

mkdir -p /tools/buildbotcustom/
cd /tools/buildbotcustom

For a staging master

hg clone buildbotcustom-clean
ln -s buildbotcustom-clean buildbotcustom

Or a production master

hg clone buildbotcustom

Clone Buildbotconfigs

mkdir -p /builds/buildbot
cd /builds/buildbot

For a staging master

mkdir user-configs
hg clone user-configs/clean-configs
ln -s user-configs/clean-configs configs

Or a production master

hg clone configs

Update Buildbot

update buildbot to the current production version

cd /tools/buildbot
python install --prefix=/tools/buildbot

Install SQLAlchemy

# as root
cd /tools
tar -xf SQLAlchemy-0.5.6.tar.gz
cd SQLAlchemy-0.5.6
python build
python install

For a Talos Master

# in each build master's directory:
hg clone

Other changes

There are some slave-specific things that can also be done (full docs needed)

  • make sure puppet is disabled (chkconfig)
  • disable cltbld's cron job to start Xvfb and metacity
  • remove scratchbox
  • modify /etc/default/buildbot to start your master, or if you need to use a Makefile then use chkconfig to disable the buildbot service
  • add a cron job to cleanup the builder dirs of your masters