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Configuration Details

From Vista Business

Downloaded Software Updates

Download all software updates as of August 8, 2008

Configuration Changes

  • Turned OFF all automatic updates
  • Turned OFF firewall
  • Created tester account (mozqa)
  • set up autologin for mozqa account
    • run netplwiz
  • Turned on RDP; allowed tester and Administrator to connect
  • Turned off screensavers


  • Access Control Panel -> Hardware & Sound -> Power Options -> Edit Plan Settings -> Change advanced Settings
    • Alter Max processor state to '50%'

Install supplemental language support

  •  ?? need help here

Install UltraVNC

It is important to follow these instructions precisely.

  • Download and install UltraVNC 1.04 Beta. Make sure to use RC4!
  • Download and install UltraVNC Addons. Make sure to use RC4!
  • Stop 'uvnc_service'.
  • Browse to c:\program files\ultravnc and run 'winvnc.exe' as administrator (right click => 'run an administrator').
  • Use the following options:
    • Ports:
      • Main: 5900
    • [ ] Use Java Viewer
    • File Transfer
      • [ ] Enable
      • [ ] User Impersonation
  • Restart the computer

From this point forward do NOT logon with RDP. It will break the VNC service.

Install Third-party applications

  • Python 2.4.4
    • 'Install for all users'
    • Append 'C:\python24;c:\python24\scripts' to the PATH.
  • Python Win32 Extensions - Right click, 'Run as Administrator'
  • PyYaml - Right click, 'Run as Administrator'
  • Info-Zip
    1. Download and extract Info-Zip
    2. Place 'unzip.exe' and 'unzip32.dll' in c:\windows
  • CVS
    1. Download CVS
    2. Extract to c:\windows
  • Wget
    1. Download Wget to c:\windows
  • Chmod, rm, etc.
    1. Download and install Coreutils
    2. Append 'c:\program files\gnuwin32\bin' to PATH.
  • Twisted 2.4.0 (Includes zope-interface)


cvs co -r BUILDBOT_0_7_6_BRANCH -d buildbot mozilla/tools/buildbot
cd buildbot
c:\python24\python build
c:\python24\python install

Change the contents of c:\python24\scripts\buildbot.bat to '@python c:\python24\scripts\buildbot %*

Setting up a Buildbot Slave

How to setup a Buildbot Talos slave (replace the, username, and password with the correct values)

cd c:\
mkdir talos-slave
buildbot create-slave talos-slave username password

Edit the buildbot.tac file to have keepalive = None

You should then start the slave once to create the proper directory structure.

buildbot start talos-slave
buildbot stop talos-slave


The DocumentRoot will be dependent on the builddir of your Buildbot slave. In this section that directory will be referred to as $BUILDDIR.

For machines in the pool of slaves, $BUILDDIR should be 'talos-data'.


You will need to install a page set in c:\pages.

The rest

  • Download and install Apache 2.2.6
  • Set 'Network Domain' and 'Server Name' to 'localhost'.
  • Create an empty directory so Apache doesn't complain:
mkdir c:/talos-slave/$BUILDDIR/talos
  • Change DocumentRoot and 'C:/Program Files..." <Directory> tag to 'c:/talos-slave/$BUILDDIR/talos'.
  • Add an alias so Apache knows where the pageset is. Add this to your httpd.conf:
Alias /page_load_test/pages c:/pages
<Directory c:/pages>
    Options Indexes
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all

Set up buildbot auto start

Create startTalos.batch on desktop

cd c:\
buildbot start talos-slave

Create startTalosSlave.xml on desktop

??<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>
<Task version="1.2" xmlns="">
    <Author>QM-PVISTA-STAGE\Mozilla Test</Author>
    <LogonTrigger id="43997481-fd90-4584-9841-9739de9662f2">
    <Principal id="Author">
      <UserId>QM-PVISTA-STAGE\Mozilla Test</UserId>
  <Actions Context="Author">
      <Command>"C:\Users\Mozilla Test\Desktop\startTalos.bat"</Command>

run 'control schedtasks' import task 'startTalosSlave.xml' from desktop

Post-cloning Setup for Pool

OPSI Installation

    • Open c:\users\mozqa\install-opsi.bat in Wordpad and change the IP address to
  • For all slaves:
    • Logon to the OPSI server (production-opsi or staging-opsi) and run the following:
opsi-admin -d method deleteClient $hostname.uib.local
    • Start Menu -> Right click 'Command Prompt', hit 'Run as Administrator'
    • Run the following in the command line:
cd c:\users\mozqa

You will be prompted twice for a username and password. The first time, use 'pcpatch' and the standard root password. The second time, use 'root' and the standard root password. The console may freeze when or right before the password prompt appears. Simply type the password and hit enter to fix it.


  • Open up the OPSI Client and look for the slave
    • Highlight the slave, go to Log Files, and then opsiconfd - look for errors in that log.

If the slave shows up in the OPSI client, and there's no errors in the opsiconfd log, you're done! If it doesn't, or there are errors, do the following and try again (or talk to bhearsum): On the slave:

Run c:\program files\\preloginloader\uninst\deinstall.cmd

On production-opsi:

opsi-admin -d method deleteClient $hostname.uib.local

The rest

  • Edit c:\talos-slave\buildbot.tac.sample and update buildmaster_host and slavename appropriately
  • Rename buildbot.tac.sample to buildbot.tac
  • Reboot