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Version 1

Install OS

Use a retail Leopard OS disc then install the following updates:

*"AirPort Utility Software Update 2009-002" (5.4.2)
*"AirPort Utility" (5.3.2)
*"QuickTime" (7.6.4)
*"iTunes" (9.0.1) 
*"Mac OS X Update Combined" (10.5.8)
*"Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 5" (1.0)
*"Safari" (4.0.3) 
*"Security Update 2009-005" (1.0)
*"Front Row Update" (2.1.7)
*"Remote Desktop Client Update" (3.3.1)

System Preferences

Open System Preferences and in:

  • Energy Saver set both times to 'never'
  • Spotlight set the main hard drive as a private location to stop spotlight from indexing it
  • Desktop and Screensaver set the screensaver time to 'never'
  • Dock and set the dock to automatically hide
  • Displays and set resolution to 1280x1024@60hz
  • Sharing and enable screen sharing and remote login

Runtime requirements

You need to install mercurial, wget and buildbot. Instead of installing macports and xcode tools we are going to use the built in version of Twisted 2.5.0:

hg clone buildbot
cd buildbot
python build
sudo python install

For WGet:

curl -O
tar zxf wget-latest.tar.gz
cd wget-latest
export CFLAGS='-arch ppc'
export CXXFLAGS='-arch ppc'
./configure --enable-static --disable-shared
sudo make install

Buildbot Slave

Finally, set up your buildbot slave

mkdir -p /builds/slave
cd /builds/slave
buildbot create-slave . master:port username password

Install XCode

We need Mercurial for the tools repository checkout. To build this we need to have XCode installed on the machine. Grab xcode and install it. Once installed, build mercurial

tar zxf mercurial-1.3.1.tar.gz
cd mercurial-1.3.1
python build
sudo python install

Setup buildbot start on boot

I don't know how to do this at the moment. If you know how, please add it to this page.

  • Ensure the the correct user and slave directory are set in the script (cltbld and /builds/slave by default)

From VNC:

  • Make sure the resolution is set to 1280x1024. (this is not in the xserve ref image)
  • System Prefs -> Accounts -> Login Options
    • Set 'Automatic Login' to 'cltbld', enter the password when prompted.