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Install OS

Use fedora 12 i386 net install to install a base os. I did the install with 256mb of memory installed and it gave me a very basic system install. I am not sure if this is the same installed state you would have if there was > 256mb of ram.

Create cltbld user

As root:

useradd cltbld
passwd cltbld

Install Packages

We need some packages to get things running. The firefox install is to make sure all the runtime libraries are present.

yum install -y openssh-clients Xvfb firefox wget mercurial python-devel metacity dejavu-s*

Install Mozilla Packages

cd ~
hg clone
cd buildbot
python build
su -c 'python install'

Create Slave

su -c 'mkdir /builds'
su -c 'chown cltbld:cltbld /builds'
cd /builds
buildbot create-slave slave <host> <password>
buildbot start slave

Get CPU info

uname -a > /builds/slave/info/host
cat /proc/cpuinfo >> /builds/slave/info/host

Autostart buildbot

Put this script into /builds/slave/

if [ ! -f /builds/slave/ ] ; then
  echo Starting buildbot
  /usr/bin/buildbot start /builds/slave/

and make it executable chmod +x /builds/slave/

Set up Xvfb and

# Make sure Xvfb is running on :2
@reboot     ps -C Xvfb | grep -q Xvfb || exec Xvfb :2 -screen 0 1280x1024x24 &
*/5 * * * * ps -C Xvfb | grep -q Xvfb || exec Xvfb :2 -screen 0 1280x1024x24 &

# Make sure metacity is running on :2
@reboot     ps -C metacity -f | grep -q :2 || exec metacity --display :2 --replace &
*/5 * * * * ps -C metacity -f | grep -q :2 || exec metacity --display :2 --replace &

# Make sure buildbot is always running
*/5 * * * * /builds/slave/

Disable SELinux

su -
vim /etc/selinux

and change