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Install OS

Install Windows XP SP3

Configure OS

Control Panel:
Display -> Screen Saver -> Screen Saver: None
        -> Settings -> Screen Resolution: 1280x1024
Power Options -> Disable suspending/hibernating
System -> Remote -> Untick 'allow remote Assistance'
                 -> Tick 'allow users to connect remotely...'

Install Upstream packages

All installers should be done with default options [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Install RealVNC

  • Checkout the installer from mofo:
cvs co -d vnc ref-platforms/win32/vnc-4_1_3-x86_win32.exe
  • Click through the installer accepting all the defaults
  • When the setup window pops up set a password and turn off the Java viewer
  • Add a firewall exception
    • Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Windows Firewall
    • Exceptions -> Add Port -> TCP/5900

Fix %PATH%

Control Panel -> Advanced -> Environmental Variables -> append


to the PATH system variable

Install Buildbot

hg clone
cd buildbot
hg up -C --rev 53
python build
python install

Change python to be pythonw.exe at the top of \Python25\Scripts\buildbot

Set up Buildbot slave

mkdir \builds\slave
cd \builds\slave

Make start.bat

create a file in \builds called 'start.bat' and put in the contents of

buildbot start \builds\slave

create a shortcut to this batch file in Start->Prog. Files->Start. Right click this shortcut -> properties -> run: 'minimized' -> OK

Enable Autologin


PGORT80.DLL is not found when trying to run XPCShell Tests