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This page is obsolete

This is done as a manual step done when B2G reldrivers say to tag.

cd src
git clone
cd gaia
git log | more
git tag B2G_1_0_0_20130115070201 a03f7b532e9998e646d55f93a0fc03a04d7ca7d9
git push --dry-run --tags
git show  B2G_1_0_0_20130115070201
git push --tags

hg clone
cd mozilla-b2g18/
hg tag -r 67503cae6a5a B2G_1_0_0_20130115070201 -m "comments" # see notes
hg out --patch
hg push


  • in your HG tag commit, always include the magic keywords "DONTBUILD", "CLOSEDTREE" and "a=NPOTB" to ensure we can easily merge them onto other hg branches during the switching period
  • tags will take approx 20 min to propagate to git.m.o
  • only hg tags starting with 'B2G' will be propagated