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This page is obsolete

  • Upload the file to tooltool
  • Update your local clone of
  • Edit the appropriate device config. eg. b2g/config/hamachi/
  • Change 'size' and 'digest' of the file being updated.
  • Attach a patch to the bug for review
  • Once reviewed, land the patch on b2g-inbound
  • Watch for a successful build, then uplift to the relevant branch(es) mentioned in the bug, specifying a=NPOTB
    • As an alternative to uplifting the patch yourself, set a [checkin-needed-<branchname>] to flag the Sheriffs to do the uplift for you.

Note: the backup-helix tarball needs to be repacked such that the top level directory changes from backup-helix/ to backup-ics/ [1][2]. Use the reparent-tarball script to automate this.