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Below you can find the steps to add new aws subnets

Create new subnets

Please check in AWS the new VPC subnets

More details bug 1165432 or bug 1239263 and notes here

Update firewall rules

NOTE: After the firewall rules has been added by netops team and the new subnets in securitygroups.yml, the changes will be applied overnight. Or you can ask dustin to run the command manually. (We don't have permissions to sudo to fwunit)

dmitchell@fwunit1 ~/firewall-tests [master] $ sudo su - fwunit
-sh-4.1$ umask 022
-sh-4.1$ cd /opt/fwunit/releng/src/tests/
-sh-4.1$ source /opt/fwunit/releng/bin/activate
(releng)-sh-4.1$ fwunit aws_releng
[2016-03-09 14:19:09,178] running aws_releng
(releng)-sh-4.1$ fwunit releng

Increase size of the pool

Add the new platforms in build-cloud-tools